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Tackle That To-Do List!: Motivational Monday

I am a list person; it helps me to get everything done. Lists are perfect for me not only because I tend to forget things if I don't write them down, but I simply love marking tasks off the list when they are completed. It just feels so good. 

Today is the day to check something off your list that has been on there awhile. 

Having 2 under 3 makes completing an entire task somewhat difficult at times. I can start it, but I can't always finish before someone melts down or needs something. However, I am determined to get at least one task completed that's been on my list done at least every two days.

Here is my list as of last Thursday: 

It is a mix of what I need to do today and others have been on there awhile. I just feel so frustrated sometimes that some of those items are not getting done. Sure, it isn't the end of the world if they don't get done because nothing is pressing. 

Let me tell you how good it feels to have knocked off a few of these items in the last few days. I feel more motivated to continue working hard when I have even a few spare minutes during the day. 

Mamas, how do you get stuff done around the house with your little(s)? 


  1. I have found the biggest help for me is to include a time for things to get done because I always say to myself "oh I can do this later" and then that later turns into hours or sometimes days later.

    1. I like this and need to use this more often.


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