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Sweeten Your Summer Without the Added Sugar: Introducing Virgil's New Zero-Sugar Sodas

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Virgil's. All thoughts are my own.

My family has been hopping all over the place so far this summer. If we're not cooling off in the water, we're some other place, enjoying all that summer has to offer. We love to be outside, especially when it means that we get to enjoy local holiday celebrations with family and friends. We tend to take a little party along with us wherever we go, and we've been enjoying a brand new summer beverage along the way.

Virgil's Has a Whole New Take on Soda

One of my husband's favorite beverages is Virgil's root beer. If you've never had it, you're truly missing out on something remarkable. We love root beer, and for a good while, it's one of the only types of soda we've allowed our son (age 7) to enjoy on occasion. Most sodas are just packed with sugar, and it's not usually something we can get on board with when it comes to our kids. We also try to watch our sugar intake as adults. We've come to love Virgil's through the years, and were so excited to learn that Virgil's has a whole new line of zero-sugar sodas!

B enjoys Virgil's Zero-Sugar Lemon-Lime Soda at an outdoor concert and picnic.

Virgil's has been around since 1989- that's most of my life. From the very beginning, they've been wowing consumers with their amazingly delicious craft beverages. They're undoubtedly famous for their well-known rootbeer, but they've recently tapped into the natural beverage sector and have rolled out several incredibly refreshing flavors of zero sugar sodas.

Now parents, when's the last time you handed your child a soda without feeling a twinge of guilt? Until we tried Virgil's Zero Sugar soads, I would have answered with a 'never,' and probably would have looked at the ground while doing so. There's no reason to feel guilty about allowing your kiddo to occasionally enjoy a refreshing Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar soda- or about enjoying one yourself.

The Same Great Taste You've Come to Love!

What makes these new craft sodas from Virgil's different? Glad you asked! They are all natural! In a world where we're ever conscious about what we're putting into our bodies, you can trust that Virgil's is looking out for you by giving you bold, crisp, refreshing flavors without any added sugar. These amazingly flavorful sodas are naturally sweetened with Stevia. They also contain zero calories! 

I know what you might be thinking- how can something with zero sugar and calories be remotely pleasing to the palette? You'll certainly have to try these sodas for yourself to be the judge, but I put Virgil's through the ringer with my own family... and trust me, they're known for their honesty!

My son loves the lemon-lime soda. He said it tastes so good, and it really helped him cool down after a couple of hours of playing in the hot afternoon sun. I'm partial to the vanilla and black cherry flavors. They're so crisp with that hint of sweetness that I love! The orange is also super yummy! Hubby put the root beer to the test since he is the biggest Virgil's rootbeer fan I know. He thought the likeness between Virgil's root beer he had always loved and the new zero-sugar rootbeer was pretty spot on. Even cousins and grandparents thought that the zero sugar sodas were awesome!

When they say all natural...

...they mean it! Zero sugar, zero calories, no GMOs, no aspartame, gluten-free, and the list goes on! If you're on the low-carb or Keto diet train, you can go ahead and enjoy one of these amazing sodas!
One of the best things about this new line of sodas from Virgil's (aside from the awesomeness that is zero sugar), is that this is a multi-generational beverage. I can stock my fridge with Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar Sodas, and everyone in my family can enjoy them when they come over. I can fill the cooler with these tasty, refreshing sodas and bring them along to our next family picnic or get together. Everyone loves these sodas!

Ready to get your hands on Virgil's Handcrafted Sodas this summer? 

Look for Virgil's Handcrafted Sodas at Kroger, Trader Joe's, Target & Whole Foods.
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Don't forget to include Virgil's at your next party or summer celebration!

Which of these delicious flavors would you want to try first?


  1. I love that VIRGIL'S New Zero-Sugar Soda are non-GMO, and contain no calories or sugar! I love the variety of flavors, and I can't wait to try the Vanilla Cream!!

  2. I would love to try any of the flavors of VIRGIL'S NEW ZERO-SUGAR SODAS. These look terrific and refreshing for summer!

  3. These would be great for the little one. Soda taste so she's happy, but not the crazy effects of sugar so I'm happy too! Thanks for sharing!


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