Summer Health & Wellness Tips: Q & A with Avon Nutritionist, Ashley Koff

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Avon. All thoughts are my own.

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer 2018. My kids have been out of school for three weeks, and I have vowed to make the most of our time together without feeling like I have to go into survival mode to make it to mid-August when school starts again. While kids look forward to summertime, it can bring a mixed bag of emotions and stress for moms. How will we keep our kids entertained? How will we keep them engaged in learning activities? Will we as moms ever get a minute to ourselves?

I don't know what summertime is like for your family, but for mine, routines sort of go out the window and all bets are off. It can be truly frustrating. My kids are 5 1/2 years apart in age- one is in elementary school, and the other is a toddler, and while they are both gaining a bit of independence here and there, they still require constant supervision and desire mommy's constant attention. This leaves mom (me) with little to no time for self-care.

It Has to Start Sometime- Why Not Now?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend a fun and relaxing wellness event for Charlotte are influencers at Y2 Yoga, sponsored by Avon. I was excited for the opportunity to connect with area influencers, but also to chat with Ashley Koff, a consulting nutritionist for Avon (perhaps you've seen her on Dr. Oz?). We were introduced to Avon's new wellness product line for men and women, ESPIRA.

The name ESPIRA was derived from aspire and inspire, in an effort to help people look and feel their best. Avon looked to their own representatives for inspiration when tackling their idea for this amazing new wellness product line. A vast majority of Avon representatives are busy women, many of them mothers, who are looking for ways to boost their personal health and nutrition while carrying on their everyday responsibilities.

Nutritionist Ashley Koff speaks to Charlotte area Influencers about ESPIRA by Avon.

To hear Ashley Koff, who is a well-respected registered dietician, nutritionist, TV personality, and author, speak about the importance of taking the time to take care of ourselves was incredibly inspiring and eye-opening for me. I was able to have a little one on one convo with Ashley, and asked her about why it's so important for moms to incorporate wellness products, like those of ESPIRA into their daily lives.

Q: Where do we start when we're looking to make a change in our health, beauty, and /or wellness routines?

A: We can't do it all on the outside- it has to start on the inside. As we run to pick up kids, go to work, make appearances, our bodies are using up nutrients, which need to be restored.

Q: How do we work to restore what our bodies are using up?

A: It all comes down to what I believe is the best definition of better nutrition is, which is giving your body what it needs to run better, without giving it things that will irritate, overwhelm, and disrupt its efforts. When we do that, the body runs better.

Q: How can moms maintain a healthy glow?

A: The Glow Collection Includes an AM Protect and PM Restore. AM Protect includes nutrients that will help to protect our bodies, including hair, skin, and nails. We even get in an extra glass of water when we take that supplement every morning, which is an added bonus. The PM Restore contains collagen. This is a 30-day system, and when both are taken consistently, our bodies are getting those nutrients and we're able to see noticeable results. It also works well when you're able to combine the products with a healthy lifestyle and working in things like yoga or exercise for wellness.

*Glow products help hair, skin, and nails look their best by protecting you from daily damage and restoring cells while you sleep.  Key ingredients include antioxidants, biotin, vitamin C, and collagen peptides.

Boost products from the Avon ESPIRA line are convenient & easy to work into your daily routine.

Q: What can we do to give ourselves an extra boost?

A: The Boost products are great for boosting metabolism, gentle cleansing, boosting energy, and reducing cravings. The Plant-based protein powders are great to use in smoothies and are a delicious way for moms on the go to pack in those nutrients. They're also super convenient! We really need to focus on getting our digestive systems on track because we really are what our bodies absorb from the things we eat. The Ideal Cleanse is a gentle cleanse and works into your regular daily lifestyle (over 3 days). It's not a dramatic cleanse like the ones that have you fasting or drinking nothing but water for a week- it works to restore nutrients in the body and give it what it needs to run smoothly. As we age, we also start to notice a natural drop in our metabolism, so the Metabolism Boost helps to naturally stimulate our metabolisms to burn more calories throughout the day.*†

*Boost products contain ingredients to help revitalize the body by maintaining a healthy metabolism, clearing out one’s system and controlling hunger. Key ingredients include protein, probiotics, fiber, green tea, cacao, and whole coffee fruit.

Q: What can busy moms who are just looking for a way to balance a healthy lifestyle do?

A: Restore products are great for everyone (even men), but particularly for those moms who are looking for simple ways to relax, relieve stress, get better sleep, and get those needed daily vitamins and nutrients in. 

*Restore products have ingredients that help create a healthy balance by reducing occasional stress and enhancing restful sleep.  Key ingredients include Sensoril®, L-theanine, vitamin B, magnesium, fish oil, and antioxidants from 50+ fruits, and vegetables.

Feeling absolutely refreshed after a healthy smoothie with ESPIRA Plant-based protein powder, and moderate level yoga class in Charlotte.

A combination of daily meditation with light yoga and ESPIRA products is a fantastic way for even the busiest of moms to take control over their personal health and overall wellness.

Summer may seem hectic, but it's a great time to check out Avon's ESPIRA line of wellness products and work to incorporate them into your daily routine. My summer is off to an amazing start just by making healthy, delicious smoothies for breakfast or lunch & incorporating the plant-based protein powders! They are crazy convenient & I can even take them along on vacation so I'll stay on track. Don't let summer slip away without taking some time to care for yourself- you deserve it!

Want them? Get them!

Espira by Avon products are available for $12 - $35 each exclusively through Avon Representatives or online at

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Special thanks to Avon for hosting such an incredible wellness event and for allowing me to share about ESPIRA by Avon.

Which ESPIRA by Avon products would you be most interested in trying out?

* With reduced dietary intake and exercise. Individual results will vary.
These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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