Reborn dolls – Everything you need to know before buying one

In the last decade or two, there has been a big craze for the reborn baby doll. If you’re a doll lover, you’re probably acquainted with this particular product. Still, not many people know about them. They are hard to find, they are barely advertised and you have to be a true doll collector to come across them. In fact, for the longest time, you couldn’t find them anywhere. Only with the recent surge of the internet and e-commerce are these products easier to find and purchase.

So what are these realistic silicone babies? Should you buy one for your child? Let’s see!

History of reborn babies

Even though they only became popular recently, these items have existed for almost a century. First ones were created during the 1930s by independent doll makers who wanted to add realism to existing dolls.
Already at that point dolls had a prominent place among toys. They were the top selling product for girls and it seemed nothing could stop the trend. In an attempt to create even better items, some craftsmen started taking existing dolls and repainting them. This is how the first reborns were created and it was the first step in their evolution.
Regardless of craftsmen’s goodwill and dedication, it was a real pain creating a market for these dolls. Needless to say, there wasn’t such a great need for them. Big doll companies already controlled the market. Furthermore, these silicone dolls weren’t accepted well due to their overwhelming realism. It had to take lots of time until they became popular – for the longest time they were only present during doll conventions and you could’ve bought them in a small number of specialized shops.

Artistic side

Even though these artists had to go over numerous hurdles, they somehow managed to come out as winners.
Today, reborns are recognized as small pieces of art. They are appreciated for their handmade details, skill and time involved as well as a final product which we, as consumers, get at the end of the day. Have in mind that each doll is unique. Artists have lots of liberty when creating them which makes for a vibrant collector’s market. In fact, some of the most popular pieces are sold for thousands of dollars making them some of the priciest hobby items.
Even if you bought a used doll, there is a big market for collectors who are willing to buy them out. They never go out of fashion which means there will always be people interested in either buying them or “adopting” them.
Dolls are made of high-quality materials which ensure their longevity. Like other types of dolls, they can last for decades and it is not uncommon for parents to give them to their children.

Reborn baby dolls as gifts

Although these products can be bought as gifts, people usually buy them for themselves. There are several reasons for this. For example, it’s very important for a person to like a doll which limits your options when buying it as a gift. Secondly, they are not ideal for small kids as they can easily be damaged.
So, who buys them?
Reborns are mainly bought by adult women. In some cases, these women suffered a loss during childbirth or pregnant or their kids left the home. In that sense, the doll has a bit different function and help them cope and deal with trauma.
It’s hard to say how effective this approach is. Some say that it’s much better to deal with the problem directly instead of avoiding it. To others, this can buy a person some time until she’s ready to let it go.
Reborn baby dolls are also very popular among educators. Given they have similar size and weight as newborns, they can be used to teach future medical professionals and pregnant women. Needless to say, they are also very popular among collectors.

Last remarks

These silicone dolls are quite specific: even if you love traditional dolls, they might be too much for you. However, it is hard to deny how amazing they actually are. If anything, it’s necessary to respect the artists who made them as they are quite unique.

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