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Protect Your Littles This Summer with Gear from i play #iplay #iplaybaby

Thank you to i play for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summer! Who doesn't love summer? Outdoor play is part of the season and it can be challenging to protect our little ones from the elements. i play products are continuously innovated and improved based on research. The company strives to create quality products with fun designs that are affordable. I can tell you that their swim gear is perfect for my fair-haired and fair-skinned boys.

i play has over 30 years of focusing on the development, safety, and health of children. Using natural materials and avoiding harmful substances is something every family can get behind. Through quality research and design, i play maximizes the life of products while minimizing the environmental impact. The convenience and affordability of i play products is what every parent needs. 

I've been a mom for almost three years and I'm still discovering new products for my littles. Summer brings so much fun, but also so much worrying on my part. My whole family is fair-haired and fair-skinned; I have gotten sunburned in 15 minutes in the sun. This scares me because I know my kids' skin is even more vulnerable. 

i play provided swim trunks, rash guards, and hats for Hendrix and Maverick. 

The swim trunks have built-in diapers and are very comfortable for the boys. The diapers work, but aren't too bulky. Bonus! The patterns are really cute. 

I couldn't be happier with the rash guards, especially because they are long-sleeved. They are true to size and are holding up great even with the (almost) daily use in our pool. 

The hats are fabulous! Light-weight, cute, and really protects the boys' heads and necks. Not that those aren't great qualities, but the hats also fit very conveniently in any bag. I carry these everywhere. 

All of these products are very easy to wash as well. 

Want it? Buy it!

Swim trunks in Blue Whale League, Navy Octopus, and Royal Blue Turtle Journey for $23

The long sleeve rash guards come in 8 different colors and run $20 each. The short sleeve rash guards are only $18.

The Solid Brim Sun Protection Hats are a steal at $13 and come in 12 different colors. 

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What other i play products do you want to try?

I'm going to try their other baby items like teethers next. Super excited!

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