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Perfect Summer Reads to Encourage Your Little Learners from Familius #MBPSummerFun18

Thank you to Familius for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts shared are my own.

We're about halfway through summer break, and both of my kids are really missing school and their teachers and friends. We've had a pretty low-key summer, and have been focusing a lot on reading while the kids have been home. My son B has summer reading that he's been happily working through to prepare him for third-grade reading. We're also working with Baby S to help her learn to recognize letters, simple sight words, and we're starting to introduce phonics, as well.

It's never too early to begin teaching kids to read. This summer, we're enjoying some wonderful new books from Familius, which are helping Baby S stay interested and engaged in reading and learning.

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Reading our way through Summer

S is used to seeing her brother, daddy, and mommy read. We all enjoy reading and try to set a good example for our littlest learner. S absolutely loves to read. She goes for books more than toys and loves to read multiple books in one sitting. 

This summer, we're having a lot of fun with three beautiful new books from Familius: Alice In Wonderland, Slide and Seek Ocean, and Courageous People Who Changed the World.

Explore a new and exciting way to learn about creatures that live in the ocean with this interactive Slide-N-Seek book. You’ll see colorful images transform before your very eyes with the turn of a wheel and discover hidden images throughout each page. Kids will love this fun and educational format while learning about beautiful creatures along the way. (by David Miles)

This is such a beautiful and fun book! Actually, both of my kids love this book. It's so colorful, and full of surprises as ever pull and turn! It's a wonderful way for them to learn about the beauty of ocean life. We brought this book along with us to the beach this week. We've been looking for ocean life from the book out on the beach. We've already seen quite a few crabs!

From the intrepid efforts of Susan B. Anthony to the quiet courage of Rosa Parks, Little Heroes: Courageous People Who Changed the World is a young child's first introduction to the brave people who fought to make the world a better place. Simple text and adorable illustrations tell the contributions of eight champions of freedom: Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Malala Yousafzai, Harriet Tubman, William Wilberforce, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. A quote from each individual is included on each spread along with colorful, delightful artwork. (by Heidi Poelman)

My oldest is really getting into history. He loves reading biographies geared toward kids of historical figures. History was always one of my favorite subjects in school, so it's no surprise that my kiddos also find it interesting/fascinating. This book is a friendly and fun way to introduce your littles to important courageous heroes throughout history. B loves reading this book to Baby S, telling her all about Rosa Park, Gandhi, and other heroes!

"Curiouser and curiouser!"

Filled with interactive wheels and pull-tabs and lavishly illustrated, Lit for Little Hands: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is an unprecedented kid's introduction to Lewis Carroll's beloved classic novel. Unlike many board books that tackle the classics, Lit for Little Hands tells the actual story in simple, engaging prose. Gorgeous and whimsical illustrations transport the reader to Wonderland, while tons of interactive elements invite kids to grow and shrink with Alice, pour the tea at a mad tea party, and more! Fans of the novel will be delighted by the book's attention to detail and clever use of original text and dialogue. And the book's super-sturdy board means everyone can enjoy this wonderful tale over . . . and over . . . and over again! (by Brooke Jorden)

Another classic tale, a favorite of many- Alice in Wonderland! This colorful board book is a cover to cover adventure for all who pick it up! S absolutely loves this book. There are so many fun pulls and tabs to enjoy and discover. S tends to favor this book above others in her personal collection. We read this book at least once a day, and she loves to point out all of the characters- especially the Cheshire Cat... we love to watch him disappear in the book! This is a fun way to introduce the classics to your kids!

So many books...

There are so many incredible reads to discover from Famlius. There are books, e-books, and more available for every age group. I already have my eye on a few books for my niece and nephew, and for myself and hubby. The kids are making their reading lists, and we're excited to add even more Familius books to our book collection at home!

Want them? Get them!

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Special thanks to Familius for allowing me to share about their wonderful books for little ones this summer! Look for them in our 2018 Summer Fun Guide!

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