#Motivation Monday: My Yoga Journey

Happy Monday, friends! We've arrived at the start of a new, fresh week and I hope you join me in making the decision to make this week a good one! Recently, I've begun a new journey. This is very much a journey within myself and I've learned a lot in just a few short weeks. I've started practicing yoga. 

Now, I am by no means a "yogi" yet - Rather, an aspiring yogi, or perhaps a rookie yogi. I decided to get into yoga as a means to quiet my inner monologue. As I've written before, I am struggling with Hypothyroidism. Just a few of the symptoms of this chronic illness are extreme fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Yoga has been my outlet to deal with this disease. I practice yoga right in my home, following Youtuber Adriene Mishler on her channel, Yoga With Adriene. Just me and the mat. Sometimes, I probably look ridiculous but I can feel myself growing and getting stronger. I feel better. My mental health is improving each day. I still have hard days but I am hoping that as I continue to grow in my practice, the hard days will become few and far between.

Please consider this my invitation to you to join me on my yoga journey! Together, we can become healthy and strong, both in body and mind. And as Adriene always says, it's so important to Find What Feels Good! Namaste. 

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