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Lull Vs. Layla Mattress Which is Best for Kids?

Finding the right bed for our children is no small feat. Growing up is the most formative period in our lives – everything is growing and developing from the muscles and bones to the brain. The best mattress is essential in aiding our young ones during this period. And for this reason, I decided to take a look at some of the top brands and the following two stuck out the most.

Personally, I prefer both the Layla and Lull beds for kids. Each brand has developed a product that offers the right support and pressure relief. But let us take a more in-depth look so that you can make up your mind.
A fun fact to start off with – both the Lull and the Layla use state-of-the-art memory foam bedding technology. If you want to include your child in the purchasing process just say that NASA created this technology for their astronauts during takeoff – the material perfectly adapts to the contours of the body allowing for the best support and cradling – it’s like floating in zero-gravity.
But what differentiates them?   
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Let us start with the Layla bed - it is a memory foam mattress that features copper-infused elements for cooling and optimal airflow. Your kid will definitely like the fact that he or she will sleep cool and refreshed even during those hot summer months.
As we already mentioned, the unique properties of memory foam allow it to adapt to your kid’s body heat and adapt to his or her shape. The medium hardness and density of the foam provide great orthopedic support and allow for optimal comfort while your child is asleep.
What I also like about the Layla bed are the two levels of firmness. With just one flip of the mattress, you can decide which side best suits your son or daughter. Also, their preference might change over time as they grow up – it’s an excellent solution if you are looking for something flexible.
The Layla mattress is also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial and features a double jersey cover, which is also tufted to prevent the filling from becoming trapped. The product is delivered vacuum-packed, and you get a lifetime warranty – perfect if you need something durable and let’s face it – kids really need a mattress that can take the pressure of the occasional jump on the bed.
Please note: You can use the mattress immediately, but it is better to allow for up to 48 hours for the mattress to get back in shape. For more information take a look at the MattressMatchers.com layla review for more detailed information.
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As the Lull bed also has a top layer of memory foam, it boasts the same body-contouring characteristics as the Layla. You will find excellent uplift and support – your kid’s spine is kept in optimal alignment.
The main difference between the two products is that Lull uses gel as a cooling agent instead of copper. Both the material and the metal work equally well when it comes to breathability and heat transference. However, having said that, I found out that copper has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great choice for growing muscles and joints.
The cover on the Lull mattress is a made of ninety percent polyester and ten percent rayon ensuring a soft feel and breathable sleeping surface. The great thing is that you can remove it for easy cleaning should your little cherub or angel spill something while sitting on the bed.   
When it comes to price the Lull, at $500 for the Twin, is more expensive than the Layla Twin priced at 399. Just bear in mind that the Lull does not offer a lifetime warranty. Instead, you get ten years.
I guess it is up to you now. Both beds are good products – now, you have to decide which you prefer.    

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