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Kitchen Nightmares & How To Fix Them!

The kitchen is often the hub of the home, where all the cooking and entertaining is done. It’s often the most used room in the house, too, as people are in and out for meals all day long. Depending on where you are in the world, it’s also the place that the laundry is done. Kitchens may be the central point in a home, but it’s also the one room that has breakages and issues. It happens when you use a space enough.

For some issues you’d need to call in the professionals, especially for plumbing and electrical installation. The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do for yourself in the good old-fashioned DIY way. Your kitchen nightmares don’t have to stay a nightmare, you can easily turn them into the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. So, what are the common kitchen ‘mares and how can you turn them around?

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Smelly Drains. If you find that your kitchen is pumping out a horrendous stench when you drain the water after you wash the dishes, there’s a chance that the piping is blocked. Dirty water that goes down the drain ends up rotting and food gets caught. You can fix it simply – baking soda with a mix of lemon juice if you have it to hand, or some special bleaches that are designed to clear drains and pipes.

Slippery Floors. No matter how much you clean your floor and dry it off afterward, you can find the floor rather slippery. Swapping out your floor materials by heading to flooring stores and figuring the right one for your kitchen can solve the problem. Don’t be afraid by the choices, either, there’s always an expert around.

Greasy Surfaces. It’s really common to find some of the surfaces in the kitchen get covered in grease, especially if you are an avid chef. Microfibre towels dipped in a white vinegar and water solution can cut right through the grease far better than soap and water can.

Lost Lids. Like Tupperware, saucepan lids are like gold dust. You know you unpacked them, you know you put them in the cupboard but then they’re gone! Instead of risking losing the pan lids, install a rack like this one just on the inside of your cupboard door and hang the pan lids from there.

Bad Lighting. One of the worst traits of a kitchen can be the lighting. A strip light in the middle is no more efficient than spot lights in the middle. What you need is an even coverage. Rather than wasting energy by upping the wattage of the bulbs that you use, you could choose to add extra lighting. This one does come with a caveat of needing an electrician!

Your kitchen nightmares don’t have to stay that way, so make a list of all the things that you need to fix and when you need to fix them by. Slowly but surely, a dream kitchen ism

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  1. I need to invest in some good microfiber towels.
    Great post, thanks for sharing!


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