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Keeping Noisy Kids Entertained During The Holidays

Now that the kids have finished school for the summer you will probably be in two minds: you’ll be happy to spend time with your children, but you will also be dreading trying to keep the kids entertained for the next 6 weeks! If you want to make sure your kids stay happy and entertained throughout the summer, here are some of the things you can do.

Play dress up

One way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day is to break out some of your old clothes and your old costumes and let the kids play dress up for the afternoon. They will likely create characters and scenarios and you can have some fun playing together for the afternoon.

Put on a show

Once you bring your ear protection in case the room becomes too loud, you can let your child put on a show for you with one of their favorite hobbies. It could be magic, music, dancing or even acting. Let them go crazy and play around with their talents for a while and take a video of them so that you can keep the memory for the future. It will be fun for them and amazing for you to see what they can do.

Build a fort

You are never too old to build a fort, and once you have children you will have the perfect excuse to build an awesome fort on a rainy day. Bring lots of sheets, chairs and cushions with you and you will be able to have some fun decorating the inside of the fort won’t battery operated lights and some fun stickers and artwork. Your kids can then kids out and play games or read in their for a few hours and it will keep them occupied and happy.

Have a barbecue  

A barbecue day in the garden is always a great thing because you can set up games for the kids such as football and badminton, and you can get some food and drink flowing for your family. Invite family and friends over and have a fun packed day at home and watch the kids run around together and tire themselves out. You don’t need to do a thing because they will pester your guests so you can get a rest for a while!

Treasure hunt

As a fun project for you and a way to keep the kids out of your hair for a hour or two, you can create a treasure hunt which runs around the whole house and the garden for them to follow. The prize can be anything from chocolate to a new game, and you can make sure that they have lots of difficult clues to decipher which will keep them working at it for hours and hours. It will be a fun thing for you to create and you can find treasure hunt clue ideas online which will give you some inspiration. The kids will love this game and it will keep their minds running and active which will also help their intelligence.

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