Gift Giving: How to Get It Right Every Time

As children, when it comes to gifts it's all about receiving. Birthdays and Christmas are centered around receiving presents and that joy and excitement of tearing off wrapping paper is something you never forget. However, as adults we really do learn to appreciate the joy in giving gifts, being able to give someone something special that you know they will enjoy gives you a warm fuzzy feeling like no other. However, that’s not to say it’s easy, here are some tips to help you get it right.

Do your research
We’re so lucky to live in a world where all of the information we could ever really want is available at our fingertips. When we’re buying a product, whatever it is we have the ability to do research on it, read reviews and see if it’s suitable. If you’re buying a product or some kind of item as a gift, it makes sense to read up about it first. Find out as much information as you can to work out if it’s suitable, read reviews to see if anyone had any issues with the item and generally whether it’s something you’re happy to spend your money on. This helps to avoid nasty surprises when it turns up, and saves you having to rush around finding a replacement gift at the last minute.

Buy something for them- not for you!
When you’re buying someone a gift, it needs to be for them and not for you. A classic example is a man buying his wife a set of pans or a kitchen appliance- not because she wants these but so she can make things for him! This might be an extreme example but there are lots of more subtle ways you could end up picking a gift for someone when really it's yourself you have in mind.

Think of their interests
Another thing to avoid falling into the trap of is buying something because you love it- you might be purchasing it for them but it’s based on your own likes. Have a think about what the person really likes and enjoys, what their hobbies and interests are and what gifts will most appeal to them. For the stylish guy, a site like John Henric could be useful as it gives you lots of options and categories to browse. For someone who’s a bit of a foodie, you could create a hamper of some luxury food and drink items for them to enjoy or vouchers to their favorite restaurant. For someone that’s not into material things, how about donating to a charity in their name or going down the experience gift route? It makes sense to think about what they will most enjoy rather than grabbing something because you think it’s nice.

Find out about returns
Regardless of how much effort you put into getting a gift, sometimes it won’t be quite right. If you’re open with your recipient and let them know it’s ok if it’s not for them, they can exchange it for something they like more. Don’t be offended, it’s still the thought that counts but rather your money goes towards something they will use than an item that’s going to sit in a drawer or go to waste. Things like perfume and clothing are particularly tricky if you do want to chance something that might not be for them, include the receipt and find out about the returns policy.

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