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Chores: When to Start and What to Assign

This cutie will be 3 in just two months! How did it happen? How is my first almost three years old? It's amazing how time flies. Hendrix has such a great personality, having a great sense of humor and is very compassionate. He is also a great helper which got me thinking about chores and when to start them. 

I'm not talking about big things like vacuuming obviously, but Hendrix is old enough to put away some dishes, pick up his room and toys, and put things in the trash if asked. While helping me change Maverick's diaper, Hendrix wanted to throw the diaper away after. 

Amazing! Let's roll with it. 

We ask him to put away his dishes when we're emptying the dishwasher and he does pick up his toys. I haven't created a "DO" list for every day just yet as I'm trying to make sure it is the right amount and all are within his skill range. 

What chores do you give your kiddos and at what ages? Are there incentives for them? 

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