Celebrate Shark Week's 30th Anniversary with Fun New Educational Toys from Alex Brands & Wild Republic!

Thanks to Alex Brands & Wild Republic for sharing samples in exchange for my thoughts.

The 30th Anniversary of Shark Week is here! We're getting in on all of the fun Shark Week action this week by checking out cool shark specials on TV, and by doing lots of fun shark-themed activities all week long! We've even got some special guests hanging out with us this week, who are helping the kids get excited about learning all about sharks!

Check out these Fin-tastic Toys and Games, Perfect for Shark Week!

From IDEAL Games, Sharky's Diner

Sharky's Diner is tons of fun and provides hours of chompin' action for your little fishies. Put the shark together, and then feed him all of the 'junk' game pieces, like bones, anchors, cameras, canteens, and more. Use the hooks to fish out the junk pieces one by one, but watch out- the shark's jaw just might snap closed on your hook & chomp you while you're taking your turn! The first person to remove four pieces of junk from the shark's mouth wins!

S and B hold the shark's jaw open to 'feed' him all of the game pieces before they start playing this fun game!

My kiddos love this game! S thinks it's so silly and fun to feed the junk pieces to the shark, and she and her big bro enjoy trying to hook the pieces and remove them from the shark's mouth before his jaw clamps closed on their hooks. S is only two years old, so this game is a bit old for her just yet, but she still loves trying to play. B and his dad had fun playing this game together. Just when they thought they were close to winning, the shark would chomp their hooks!

Sharky's Diner Game

$24.99- available on Amazon or at Kohl's

Ideal Sharky’s Diner Game lets you test your reflexes by snatching Sharky’s meal before his jaws snap shut! Yell out whichever piece of junk you want to get from Sharky’s mouth. Then snatch his meal with a gaff hook before his jaws close. Be careful! Pick up the wrong piece and his jaws will snap shut! Be the first player to remove 4 pieces of junk and win! This game fosters problem-solving, reasoning, patience, hand-eye coordination and social skills. Includes a shark body, shark jaw, 2 shark fins, eye stickers, 2 rubber bands, 2 gaff hooks, 21 pieces of plastic junk and instructions. Recommended for children 4 years of age and older.

Cuddle Up with Living Ocean & Cuddlekins Sharks from Wild Republic

We just came home from a week at the beach and spent a day at the NC Aquarium. While there were lots of fish, reptiles, and ocean life to admire, B was mostly interested in the sharks. We watched them in the large living ocean exhibit, walked up and down hallways lined with shark teeth, climbed inside of the jaws of a Megalodon shark, and B even touched sharks in one of the touch tanks!

There are a couple of new friends in our house for Shark Week- Tippy & Bruce. These two just happen to be cuddly plush sharks from Wild Republic. Both plush sharks look very realistic, especially the Great White Shark! The Black Tipped Shark is from the Cuddlekins line, which offers super soft and cuddly plush pals. Both the Living Ocean sharks and Cuddlekins sharks vary in price depending on their size. There are lots of cool sharks to choose from! You're sure to find your child's favorite shark at Wild Republic.

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Between the new Sharky's Diner game and two very cool plush sharks, we're pretty set for Shark Week! We'll be checking out lots of cool Shark Week action on TV, and we'll be trying out some fun Shark Week activities and recipes!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Wild Republic & Alex Brands to find Sharky's Diner & Plush Sharks to keep your kids entertained and engaged during Shark Week! They're also great for the classroom!

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Thanks to Alex Brands and Wild Republic for helping us get ready for Shark Week! Look for these products in our 2018 Summer Fun Guide!

How are you celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Shark Week?

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