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Beat the Heat Summer Eats

This mama does not like to cook, but I dislike it even more in the summer because it’s so hot.  I know we have to eat and eating out is not the most cost effective for our family or really any family.  So how do you beat the heat and get food on the table?
Option 1: BBQ
When the sun is starting to go down there is nothing better than being outdoors and cooking on the grill.  You can do chicken, hot dogs, steak and even vegetables. 

Option 2: Crockpot Dinners
Crockpots are wonderful devices for any mom, dad, or even teen to create dinners, snacks, and desserts. With websites such as Pinterest, All Recipes, and even Facebook one is able to find wonderfully healthy options.  The crockpot uses less energy than the stove or oven and won't make the sweltering heat follow you into the house.

Option 3: Cold Options
I love a good sandwich and a salad.  These are cold options I turn to when it is just too hot to eat hot food.  These dinners are quick and filling.

What are your summer eats that beat the heat?


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  2. We've been eating a lot of sandwiches and takeout because it's been so hot. I need more ideas.

  3. I can't stand cooking in the Summer because it is so hot! I love grilling out though, everything is better on the grill! Otherwise I do a lot of sandwiches, salads, and cold pasta salads.


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