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6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Pet Products and Medications

Deciding to adopt a dog is almost always an emotional decision. However, many aspiring pet parents forget to calculate the financial burden that comes with owning a dog. As a new pet parent, you not only need to create a safe space and a loving atmosphere for your dog but also be financially prepared to deal with medical emergencies and other sudden expenses. Everything from vaccinations to monthly pet meds such as spot-on treatments for fleas and ticks drive up the cost of owning a dog.

Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Little compromises here and there can save you big bucks. To help you get started, the following are 6 easy ways to save on pet items.
Go Generic When You Can: Unless the vet specifically mentions a particular brand of medicine, it’s always best to buy generic. Generic drugs have the same composition and thus have the same degree of effectiveness. The only difference, they are available at much cheaper rates compared to name brands. However, it’s always best to consult the vet before switching from branded to a generic drug. Mainly because some branded pet meds have a few extra ingredients.

Don’t Buy Pet Meds and Items from the Vet: Unless your vet offers you great discounts on medications and pet products, it’s always best to buy the prescribed items elsewhere. Many new pet parents think that the vet’s office is the only place to buy genuine products. That’s certainly not true. From reputed pet store chains to certified online pharmacies, you can find discount pet items from a lot of different places.
Buy from Reputed Pet Pharmacies and Stores Online: It’s never a good idea to buy pet medications from uncertified and unaccredited websites. Much like human drugs, pet meds are also routinely counterfeited. Your best bet is to buy products from VIPPS certified online pet pharmacies. The advantage of buying medicine online is that you get to compare the prices before adding to cart.
Always Checkout the Deal and Coupons Section: Most online pet stores have a dedicated discount and deal section. They also feature pages for clearance sale items. If you are not brand conscious, you can find a lot of pet items here at heavily discounted rates. Remember, never go to the product page directly without checking for coupons, discounts, and alternative products first .
Home-Cooked Meals Are a Cost Saver: Buying pet food is a major monthly expense. A way to cut down on that cost is to cook the meals at home. While there are plenty of cheap dog food brands, it’s always best to buy quality ingredients and cook them for your dog at home. This approach also ensures that your dog stays healthy for longer and needs fewer trips to the vet’s office.
Repurpose Human Items: Many unused human items can be used for dogs. For example, if you have a heavy-bottom bowl, you can use that as a food bowl for your dog. Childrens’ sweaters and jackets can be slightly altered to make winter clothes for dogs. Right from tug toys to pet beds, if you have the DIY skills you can repurpose a lot of unused things to make custom items for your pet.

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