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10 Natural Soothing Methods for Teething Babies

Being a mom can be slightly overwhelming, especially if your baby is crying or in pain. You often feel helpless then, knowing that your baby can’t communicate accurately: they can’t tell you what they need. This can be painful, as a mom, especially when your kid is going through something and you know you can help, but you just don’t know how.

Consider baby teething. Teething happens to every infant. When your baby’s teeth begin breaking through their gums, your baby can experience some irritating and very uncomfortable symptoms. But there is no need to be nervous, as there are many ways in which you can comfort your child during this process! Below are some safe, natural remedies for teething babies:

  1. Apply Pressure

Often, the pressure that counter’s the pain of teeth breaking through the gums can help soothe your baby. This counter-pressure is most commonly applied by giving your infant something to chew on. Some things that are safe and natural for chewing include: your hand/fingers (as long as they’re clean!), soft silicone toys, and knots of soft cloth. And if the pain persists, be sure to find emergency dental care services in syracuse ny.

  1. Ice Ice Baby

Numbing the gums is a great way to ease the pain. Luckily, there are many cold things that can be used to help soothe the gums. You can partially freeze a wet cloth, or you can wrap an ice cube in a muslin bag, or you can freeze a pacifier or bottle/nipple! Any of these options can also reduce possible swelling that may occur.

  1. Chamomile

Whether it be chamomile tea or just the essential oil, chamomile naturally calms and helps relax infants, in addition to soothing pain. You can make weak tea and freeze it, giving the baby the ice cubes, or you can dilute the oil. One drop of oil into one tablespoon of coconut oil will provide instant relief to any set of gums.

  1. Introduce Toothbrushes

Giving a teething baby a toothbrush gets them used to the feeling of having a brush in their mouths for the future, but it also offers a great massage that may ease some pain and apply a good amount of pressure!

  1. Using Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract isn’t just good for baking. By soaking a cotton ball or swab with extract and applying it to gums, the soothing nature of the extract will help reduce any tension and anxiety, while the light traces of alcohol offer a comforting sensation to the gums.

  1. Amber Teething Necklaces

Warning: your baby should not chew on this – only wear it! Recently, studies have found that amber, which releases succinic, natural acid, which is not harmful, but rather a natural inflammation reducer, can be made into a necklace. The stones can help soothe your baby: your infant’s body heat will release the acid and relieve some anxiety.

  1. Other Essential Oils

Chamomile isn’t the only oil that can help soothe your baby during the teething process. Other oils such as lavender or clove can help relax and numb your baby’s sore gums.

  1. Offering Different Foods

Often, when your infant is teething, they will want to chew more. This gives you the great opportunity to try out different foods with them! From cold applesauce to waffles (whose crunch satisfies just enough), to beef jerky (which can last all day), the introduction of different textures and tastes can really help your infant calm down, and it can be a fun way to test their taste buds!

  1. Massages

As mentioned, counter-pressure helps avoid pain. So, a few times a day, take some time to rub your baby’s face. Make sure to use circular motions and not too much pressure! The mere touch of your fingers on the jaw and gums may just be what they need!

  1. Mesh Feeders

Crushing up foods such as bananas or carrots after freezing them, and then stuffing them into a mesh bag can be a great way to offer your infant a fun, tasty snack, and the gnawing sensation the mesh provides can help prevent choking in addition to relieving any pain.


Your baby’s teething experience may be different than your friend’s baby’s teething experience. Just remember to stay calm and work with your baby: find what soothing methods work best for them and go from there! And remember, this is an exciting development! Teeth mean one step closer to talking, trying different foods, and eventually, the tooth fairy!

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