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Wishes for my Children

I look at how different my life has been since becoming a mom.  There have been ups and downs like there are with any relationships but I wouldn't change them for the world.

On birthdays we blow out candles with the premise that our wishes will come true, but since becoming a mom all my wishes are for something greater... my children.

My wishes for my children keep me up thinking at night,  but also provide me with a goal to ensure my children see and achieve these wishes.

I wish that my children always know that home will always be home no matter how old they get or where they go in life.  

I wish that my children follow their dreams and continue to create new ones as they get older.

I wish that my children will continue to grow in professional and personal growth everyday of their lives.

I wish that no time and distance will ever hinder our relationship.  

I wish that mistakes I have made as a parent will help them to know it is okay to make mistakes but to keep trying.

I wish that they find their calling and know their purpose in this life. 

What do you wish for your children?

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