What You Need to Know Before Buying a Baby Rocker

Cute Baby Bouncer Rocker (Blue)

There is no doubt that you will need essential things like cribs, bottles, diapers, and clothes when you have a baby. There is also one essential item that you will need, and that is a baby rocker. Apart from having good baby chairs for infant, investing in a good baby rocker is not a bad idea as it will make things easier for you by providing a secure and safe spot for your baby while you tend to your chores.

What are baby rockers? You might want to ask. A baby rocker is usually placed on the floor and provides a gentle rocking motion to help keep babies calm. Rockers give babies the sensation of being gently rocked or bounced and that gives them a comforting feeling like they are in their mothers’ arms.  Some rockers are equipped with toys to help the baby relax. Rockers are usually used when you have things like cleaning, cooking to do around the house and there is nobody around to help you carry the baby. You can conveniently keep the baby in the rocker while you get busy.
You might be wondering what exactly makes baby rockers different from baby swing and baby bouncers.  Looking at these three items, you are likely to believe that they serve the same purpose, but you can also see that they all have a distinction and one is different from the other. Baby swings are larger than bouncers and rockers and are electrically powered units that gently rock the baby back and forth. Baby swing needs more room since its need to sway.
Rockers come in two different kinds – bassinets and inclined. Fortunately, many rockers in the market can be converted to both bassinets and inclined and provide the two functions.
Now that you know what makes a rocker different from a bouncer and swing, the question is, what exactly should you be looking out for when purchasing a baby rocker?  The following features should be your guide in deciding on a rocker to buy.
  • The Seat
Your baby might be spending a lot of time on the rocker and so getting a rocker with a comfortable seat should be your priority. An adjustable seat should be okay since newborns are prone to recline while older babies sit in an upright position.  Getting a rocker with an adjustable seat will last longer as you will use it even when the baby grows older.
  • Light, Toys, and Sounds
Your baby might be the type that would love to have toys, lights, and sounds. It won’t be a bad idea to have a rocker with such features so that the baby can enjoy them.
  • Stimulating or Soothing?
This feature largely depends on how you want to use the rocker. If you want a rocker where your baby can nap, then you don’t need the toys and sounds but one that can help in rocking them to sleep. A stimulating rocker, one that has a good variety of toys and sounds, can help in keeping an older baby occupied.
  • Power source
Power source comes into play when you decide to go for a rocker that is mechanically powered. You will need to check how you can power the rocker, whether it runs on batteries or if you need to be plugging it. Of course, connecting to a power source means you can’t be moving it around.
  • Portability
A baby rocker is an item that needs to be moved around a lot, therefore, it has to be portable. You need something that you can move around efficiently so that you can keep an eye on your baby while you move around the house.
  • Is it easy to clean?
Babies tend to be messy, and you know they can’t clean themselves. Getting a rocker which is easy to clean makes thing very easy. Look out for rockers with waterproof fabric that you can wipe easily or those with removable covers that you can wash and put back.
  • Safety
It is crucial to make sure your baby won’t be endangered in the rocker. There is usually a safety strap attached to all rockers to keep the baby secured in the seat and an excellent headrest to protect the baby’s head and neck.  Here, you need to consider the baby’s age, height, and weight,
  • Style
We all have our taste and how we want things to look. Baby rockers come in different designs and colors giving the opportunity to choose what suits you.  You might want to have something that would blend with your furniture.

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  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing! My youngest two babies were big fans of their bouncers and were in them often.


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