The Top 5 Sewing Equipment You Need to Get Started

Sewing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For some, however, it can be a source of income or a fulfilling hobby. Whatever the reason for wanting to start sewing, you have to be familiar with the top 5 sewing equipment you need to get started.


Before you are able to sew anything, you need to cut, cut and cut. So, basically, you need a good pair of scissors. It is important to invest in a good one not only so that it will last longer but it would allow you to cut through fabric easily, thus, minimizing waste. Always remember that scissors for sewing cannot be used for anything else. Make sure to keep it well-hidden. There are three basic scissors you need as a starter - dressmaker shears for cutting fabric, small pointed scissors for threads and the regular paper or utility scissors for cutting other things. A good rule about scissors -- the pricier, the better.

Tape Measures and Sewing Gauges

The secret to sewing is making the right measurements. When the measurement is done wrong, you can expect that you will not get the output that you want to have. Durable tape measures and sewing gauges will help you with this. Tape measures are used for body measurements while sewing gauges are used for measuring sewing areas for hemming, alterations, and others. Both are inexpensive so there is no reason not to have these tools in your starter set.

Pins and Pin Cushions

Pins are an indispensable part of sewing. You need these to keep the fabric in place. To avoid losing your pins, set them on pin cushions. Opt for one that is made of wool roving which prevents pin rusting. Pin cushions are filled with either sawdust, sand or emery. You may also make one with crushed walnut shells to lessen your expenses for your starter sewing kit.

Hand Sewing Needles, Thread, and Threader

Even if you have a sewing machine, you still need hand sewing needles and thread. These would be useful in sewing buttons, hook and eye and small item-sewing. Get needles and varying sizes so you can use what is appropriate for the fabric you are using. For those with less than 20-20 vision, a threader would come very handy. To find the best sewing machine for beginners, might help.

Seam Ripper

Here is another cutting tool that should be part of your starter kit. This is good for cutting through stitches especially when you need to re-do your own sewing or when you repair old clothes, dresses or any other outfit.

As a newbie in sewing, check out blogs and articles on the web to guide you. Make sure to have the top 5 sewing equipment already on your starter kit so that you can practice while watching videos for beginners. There are also formal lessons or courses that you can take especially when your goal is to make this an income generating venture.

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