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The Perfect Gift for the Grill Master: Butter Twist #MBPFathersDay18

This is a sponsored post on behalf of BTTR. All thoughts are my own.

Father's Day is almost here, and I've been thinking about ways to surprise my husband with thoughtful, out of the box gifts this year. He's a tech and music guy, but also loves to show off his skills in the kitchen. Coming from a long line of bakers, cooks tools, and kitchen gadgets are right up his alley. What to choose, though? There are lots of interesting kitchen gadgets to pick from, but I tend to lean toward gifts that he'll actually use and appreciate, which is why Butter Twist is at the top of my list this year.

Putting a whole new spin on the way you use and store butter, BTTR is an up and coming consumer culinary company. They've recently introduced their innovative kitchen product, Butter Twist, which gives home cooks a brand new way to store, slice, measure, and spread butter.

When I think of how many times a day my family reaches for the butter dish, it's kind of unreal. We cook and bake with real, unsalted butter, and usually leave softened butter at room temperature for easy spreading, and also store cold butter in the refrigerator for slicing or future use. Butter is used when we make breakfast, sometimes at lunch (depending on what's being made), and at dinnertime. My hubby, the baker man, also uses butter when he bakes goodies and treats from scratch.

Kiss the Messy Butter Dish Goodbye

The traditional butter dish is messy. Cleaning the butter dish is my least favorite chore, and I find measuring butter to cook and bake with a bit of a bother. Butter Twist is changing the way we cook and bake at home, thanks to its clever design and ease of use. It allows cooks, bakers, and master grilled cheese makers to kiss the messy butter dishes and plastic wrap goodbye!

Using the Butter Twist is incredibly easy. Simply load it into place, and the patent-pending barb system will hold and secure the butter. 

You can measure, cut, or spread all right from  Butter Twist. How you use it is up to you.

There's nothing better than a wonderfully designed, multi-functional product.
Butter Twist features a compact rotational cutter, which allows you to go from directly spreading butter on a pan's surface without damaging the pan to cutting the butter- all with a simple 180-degree twist! No spatulas, no knives- no mess!

Butter Twist even features integrated tablespoon measuring markings, which allow you to measure precisely the amount of butter you need without ever having to touch or slice through a butter wrapper.
Plus, it is different than other products on the market due to its integrated cutter, faster operation & better design - It dispenses, spreads, measures and cuts butter, all in one!

Convenience, any way you slice it!

Butter Twist helps you save space, time, and money. I can't tell you how many times I have dropped a soft stick of butter on the floor, only to have to wipe it up and throw it out. Butter Twist conveniently stores your butter and takes up minimal space on the counter or in the fridge. It also quickly and easily snaps apart and is dishwasher safe! You can find even more great product options by checking out empact America for dinnerware selections.

I'm already dreaming about all of the ways Butter Twist will simplify our kitchen routines and give us even better-tasting food! My grill-loving hubby will love how easy it is to make his famous grilled herbed butter corn on the cob and grilled steak with garlic herb butter, thanks to the super handy Butter Twist! It's easy to take from the kitchen to the grill, and the perfect way to pass butter around the dining table. It's definitely one of those Father's Day gifts that will be well used and appreciated!

Want to get your hands on your own Butter Twist?

Butter Twist's Kickstarter Campaign just launched, with a funding goal of $20,000 USD. The campaign features limited early bird specials, including $15.00, and other awesome rewards for early backers. Don't miss out on your chance to experience Butter Twist!

Look for Butter Twist in our 201 Father's Day Gift Guide!

What about Butter Twist appeals to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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