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The Only Tips You Need To Survive Summer With The Kids

Summer break is fast approaching and that comes some one on one time with your children while they take a break from school. Of course, you are looking forward to the time, but it can be quite testing at times. So how can you survive the summer break and still keep your sanity? I wanted to share with you some of my top tips to help you survive the summer with your kids.

Always have a plan

It may seem impossible to navigate all those weeks ahead but with careful planning, you really will be able to make the most of the summer break and enjoy yourself with your family. Planning doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to think about doing something every day, after all, day trips out can get costly, but it means you have an idea of how to occupy your time. For example, a day out with your airsoft pistols at your local designated Airsoft location to let off some steam. Or a morning of crafting with a theme using perhaps upcoming birthdays or special events. Maybe a movie afternoon or a den-making day. Pinterest is full of ideas for things you can do out and about as well as at home, and planning day trips in between can keep things fresh and exciting.

Be accepting that disaster will strike at some point

When it comes to keeping an eye on children it can be difficult to monitor their every movement in your home when they're off school. Squabbling siblings, keeping up with household chores and looking after younger ones can mean you are physically stretched to the max. So it is important to accept that things go wrong. Drains may get blocked because they have put too much paper in the toilet, nothing a call to your local plumbers can’t fix. Marks on the wall might be had, crafts can go wrong, you name it, it might happen. So accepting it means you are less likely to lose your mind and to just handle the situation you find yourself in.

Keep a good supply of healthy snacks

You need to be prepared in other areas as well and children tend to want to eat especially when boredom strikes. So arm yourself with a lot of healthy snacks. Of course, the odd treat here and there is fine, but you don’t want to send your children into a chocolate or biscuit induced sugar craze. Prepare In advance once more by making up your own fruit popsicles for the freezer, freeze yogurts for healthy snacks and cut up fruit and veg sticks in the fridge ready for when hunger strikes.

Spend as much time as possible outside

Finally, it may sound obvious but spending as much time as possible outside can really make the world of difference to how your child feels and the energy they can use up. If the weather is good to take advantage of it. Set up outdoor crafts such as chalking and painting, enabling you to keep the mess to a minimum indoors. Maybe get a paddling pool or invest in some outdoor gaming activities. At the end of the day, your children will be tired and welcome of some quiet time before bed.

I hope that these tips help you survive the summer with your kids.

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