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Pests Can Be Problematic, So Take Action Immediately!

Realizing you’ve got pests in your home is always a nightmare scenario. Not only can they be expensive to deal with but they generally make you feel icky and a bit disgusting, it’s never going to be nice. Unfortunately, pests are common and most of us will probably deal with them at one time or another. Now we’re into the warmer months, you’re more likely to have pests come into the home where everything is breeding at an alarming rate- if you’ve spotted any pests then here’s some information that might come in useful.

Common Critters You’re Likely to Come Up Against
Just about any species can take over a property if it’s left for long enough and the conditions are right. However there are some pests that are especially common, and if you’re noticing signs of pest activity there’s a good chance it’s of the rodent or insect variety. Mice, rats, ants, beetles, roaches, moths and termites could all be the cause of your issue. Birds are also common pests and can nest in the eaves of your home, and birds and bats can make their home in people’s lofts.

Why Are They Such an Issue?
As well as being generally unpleasant to be around, pests are particularly problematic for two reasons. The first is that they can be a serious health issue. Rodents, for example, spread a disease called Hantavirus, which humans can contract through breathing in the air contaminated by their urine and feces. Leptospirosis, rat bite fever, Eosinophilic Meningitis, and salmonella are also nasty diseases that are spread by these creatures that can be very unpleasant and sometimes fatal. Cockroaches can cause illnesses like dysentery, salmonella and even polio. There are a whole host of dangerous diseases that pests can cause which is one important reason to keep them out of your home. The second reason is that pests can cause serious damage to your property. From chewed electrical cables that could require a full (very expensive) rewiring to damage in textiles and wood from insects, moths, and beetles. Termites are responsible for up to two billion dollars of structural damage each year, and it’s often not included on home insurance.

Dealing With Infestation
There are lots of products on the market for killing pests yourself, however, it’s often worth calling out the professionals. ABC Home & Commercial, for example, would be able to make sure the full pest life cycle is broken and killed, this is important as pests can re-establish from just a few eggs or live creatures left behind. They will know exactly how to tackle the issue and how to safely use chemicals, instead of you trying to use poisons and toxins yourself which can be a hazard in itself. When you have an infestation, you want peace of mind that the problem isn’t going to just come back, the last thing you want is to start repairing damage just to deal with it all over again. Because pests reproduce so quickly, a small problem can become a serious one again in just a matter of days or weeks and you can easily end up back to square one.

Preventing Future Pests
Unfortunately, pests can and do invade all kinds of homes. However, if your home is generally clean and tidy, not only are you preventing them from finding food in many cases but you will also find the problem more quickly. The faster you deal with it, the cheaper and easier it will be. In your pantry and food cupboards, transfer dry ingredients like cereals, rice, pasta, and flour into glass jars which will keep them at their best for longer and prevent pests from getting in. Be wary of leaving things like crumbs on the sides, pet food on the floor, bins overflowing and other waste that could be a source of food for them. Keep an eye out for pest activity, dead insects, droppings, even grease marks on counters from worktops are all a clue that you’ve been invaded. Clear out things like cupboards where they could be hiding and block up any ways in. Then get on the phone to an exterminator as quickly as possible!

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or you’ve just spotted pest activity where you live, take action quickly. Your health and your home genuinely depend on it so don’t put it off.

Have you ever had to deal with pests? What were they, and what did you do to eliminate them?

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