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Organizing a Couple's Trip to Australia

Australia tends to feature pretty highly in the majority of people’s travel bucket lists. This isn’t all too surprising. This country has so much to offer almost anyone! No matter what your tastes and needs, there’s bound to be something that suits you down to a tee within its borders. Whether you’re looking for beaches, wildlife, entertainment, or water activities, Australia has it all! So, here are a few different things you should do in advance in order to organize the perfect Australian trip for you and your loved one!

Deciding Which Area to Visit

People tend to state that they want to “visit Australia”, but they don’t tend to take into account quite how big a country Australia is. Spreading across 7.6 million square kilometers of land, it’s host to all sorts of landscapes, ranging from bustling cities to sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs, and the film-esque outbacks with tumbleweeds. So you’re going to need to do a little decision making regarding which areas you want to visit before you’ll be able to take even the first steps of planning your trip. So, do your research and see which region appeals to you and your partner! Perhaps you would both like to visit The Great Barrier Reef, it’s such a big natural structure that it can viewed from a number of locations on the East Coast of the country. Wings Airlie Beach boat tours, leaves from Airlie Beach and is one of the more intimate ways to view the reef without the crowds of the big tours, which will be ideal for couples or small groups.

Making Things Affordable

A trip to Australia can prove extremely expensive if you simply book flights and expect to go with the flow once you get over there. You can save a whole lot of money by planning and booking in advance. This also helps you to plan your time and reduces the number of days you’ll spend organising things once you actually arrive in Oz. So, shop around for the best travel deals. A little organization will prove extremely beneficial all round!

Understanding Australian Culture

It’s always a good idea to have a good understanding of another country’s culture if you intend to visit it, which would be a good idea before a 7 days tasmania tour. It helps you to act gracefully while you’re there without offending anyone. So, for now, let’s focus on tipping and conversation. Tipping tends to be a point of contention from one nation to another. Some countries such as the United States have set rules regarding exactly how much you should tip servers after they have provided you with a service. However, in Australia, the rules are much more relaxed. In fact, there don’t tend to be any set rules. Servers receive a minimum wage for their work, so are less dependent on tips, and it is generally seen as a compliment for good service rather than something owed to them. Now for conversation. You’re going to talk to a few Australians while you’re away and there are certain sayings that are associated with Australians. “G’day mate” is one of them. However, if you’re not Australian yourself, it’s generally best to avoid using them. It may come across as though you’re mocking or imitating others and, really, they just don’t sound right unless you mimic the accent too and this could, again, be seen as offensive. Also, avoid hackneyed sayings like “put another shrimp on the barbie”. These are often slogans from ad campaigns and not something that any Australian really comes out with.

Hopefully following the above advice will help you to organize the perfect down under getaway for you and your partner!

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  1. I would love to visit Australia! Definitely a bucket list item of mine!


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