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Keep A Fresh Look this Summer with Avon

Thank you to Vanessa Wigglesworth for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

I rarely spend much money on beauty products. I'm pretty simple that way. Since I don't splurge, I was thrilled to unpackage all the wonderful items Vanessa Wigglesworth sent. Most of the products I would not have selected for myself, but are perfect for me. 

A little something for my feet, hands, and face. All just right to make this mama feel a little prettier and put together this summer. 

Products to Treat Yo-Self

Make those feet pop, mama! I love getting pedicures, but, come on, who really has time for that sometimes? Enter the Avon Lavender Perfect Pedi. It has the soak, the tools to make your feet smooth, and a beautiful color nail polish. 

I am really loving this Clinical Eye Lift gel and cream. I could tell a difference in a couple weeks, but wanted to make it a month before showing results. 

I will admit that I wear lipstick or any kind of color on my lips extremely rarely. Having said that, I love this pink lip balm. It is a pop of color that is perfect for summer and makes me feel a little cuter when I wear it. 

Does anyone else have a ton of yard work to do in the summer? This girl feels like she is constantly working outside and getting rough hands. This Silicone Glove is perfect to rehabilitate my hands so they aren't in such bad shape. It isn't greasy and it works very quickly. 

As a fair skinned, light haired person, I burn in the sun within minutes. Using this is great not only to even out my skin, but also to provide a little protection from the sun. It is so light, you barely notice it is on which is great for summer as well. 

I look so refreshed with very little effort. Thank you, Vanessa!

Presented by Vanessa Wigglesworth, Avon Representative & MBP Spotlight Sponsor

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ANEW Clinical Eye Lift: On sale for $19.99!! 

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I don't own a lot of Avon products. Do you? Do you have some favorites you recommend?

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