It's A Family Affair... How To Use Music To Make Your Family A Happier One

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So much has been spoken of the magic of music over the years, and while every parent encourages their child to take up an instrument, the benefits of music aren't just for your children in their adolescence, but the whole family can enjoy. So, if you have a passing interest in music, or you're all musically gifted in one way or another, how can you use it to make your family a happier one?

You Can Learn An Instrument Together
If there is nobody musical in the family, but the inclinations have always been there, you could all purchase an instrument, and sit down to learn it. As a result, sitting down as a family gives you that quality family time, but also, the fact that you are working towards a common goal is beneficial. When kids are really young in school, the recorder tends to be the instrument of choice, but there are instruments that are as simple, if not simpler but sound better. The ukulele is one of those things that, when you pick it up, it is a bit of fun, but it's a great entryway to other instruments like the guitar or the violin. There are also sites like to give you the basics of doing ukulele cover versions and then if one of your family shows more skill in another instrument, they can progress. If you want a guide for guitars, visit

You Can Socialize Musically
While the image of a family band might be firmly stuck in the 1960s, if you've got the space in the house to have a jam session, and you all play different instruments, then it's a perfect way to spend quality time together. If one person has an aptitude for the drums, and someone else can play the guitar, then you are set. The great thing is, you can make it a weekly thing, and when it's songs that you all love, you will do your homework for it. There are great websites like where it shows the tabs of each specific instruments for a certain song, so you can go away, learn your specific instrument, and come back. And besides, socializing musically, by having jam sessions and playing together is just really fun!

You Have A Common Interest
When kids get older, the gulf between the parents and children grows larger. As a result, you might feel that you have nothing in common with your child. But if you are musical, even if you have opposing tastes in music, but you're both passionate enough about the topic, you can introduce your children to different types and genres, and they could do the same to you. As a result, this means you will never have nothing to talk about. Conversation will always be flowing, around the dinner table, in the car, or anywhere else.

A musical family, regardless of whether you play an instrument or not, is beneficial in so many ways. Music is the gateway to so many other things, from literature to art, and even if you have a passing interest in a group, this is more than enough to have some decent conversation. Music has always brought people together, so use it to bring your family together.

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