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Ideas for Staycation Activities

It is finally summer and the kids are out of school.  Us moms are looking for ways to keep our sanity, not spend all our money, and keep the children entertained. When the only option is a stay cation here are some ideas to help keep you occupied.

Stay cations are still popular but can become boring or too predictable for parents and children. Change up your routine and family fun day can be all the time.

1. Beach Day- Local beaches typically grant free or low entrance fees for fun in the sun.

2. Museum Day- Local museums offer tours for free or low cost entry. Make a day or two of touring local museums.

3. Hiking Day- Visit a state park and challenge your children to find items like a scavenger hunt.

4. Board Game Day- I have a closet full of board games and while family fun night happens less and less with teens, they can be nostalgic. Break out the board games.

5. Family Reading Day- Every year my son would bring home the reading challenge for school and read some of the books. A few years ago we started taking the books from the list and reading them out loud as a family experience.  It helped to build vocabulary, confidence in reading aloud, and created an activity we could do together.

6. Video Game Day- My son loves video games of all kinds.  Take an afternoon or a full day of doing what your kids love to do.  Not only is it stress free for us parents, but also shows you children that you enjoy their company and want to learn more about what they like to do.

7. Family Home Video Day- Gear up the projector, DVD player, or even the old VHS player and watch old home movies as a family.  Everyone should know their family history and while children will laugh it off it is important to show them the growth you have as a family.

8. Sunday Movie Fest
Local movie theaters have very inexpensive movies on Sundays.  Start with a matinee and then continue on throughout the day watching movies.  It will keep you cool, but also give the kids something to do inside too.

Their summer vacation should be your vacation too.  Make memories that count.

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