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How We're Surviving Summer with New Products by Simplay3

Thanks to Simplay3 for providing me with product. All thoughts are my own.

Sweet summertime. There are so many reasons to love summer. After a long school year, which can often times be just as tough on parents as it can be for kids, it's nice to enjoy a bit of a break at home. One of the beautiful things about my husband being a teacher and musician, and then me being self-employed, is that we can have a lot of fun with our schedules in the summertime. We're able to be more available for our children, take trips together, and spend more time at home together, enjoying all the fun that summer brings.

While we can't spend our entire summer traveling, we've found that there are plenty of fun things that we can do at home. North Carolina weather is notorious for already being uncomfortably warm in May and early June, and as the summer goes on, it just gets hotter. We believe in getting outside and away from screens as much as is safely possible in the summertime. A big part of our summer is focused on continued education and learning, and so much of that happens through play and hands on experiences.

We were so excited to connect with Simplay3 this summer, and were given the chance to try out a couple of their amazing products, which are perfect for encouraging kids (and their families) to get out and play!

Take a walk with the Trail Master Wagon

The Simplay3 Trail Master Wagon

We're big fans of going on walks- whether we do that in our neighborhood, or head to one of our amazing local parks. Our neighborhood is perfect for walks, and when the weather is nice, it's something that we do daily as a family. We also love heading to the park near my mother-in-law's house, because it has a beautiful trail that winds up and around the pond. Our kiddos are ages 7 & 2. Our Son (B) is a great walker, but Little Bean, not so much. She's also getting to be too big for us to carry, and it's much safer for her to ride along, rather than walk beside as we struggle to keep a tight grasp on her. Toddlers love to wiggle and squirm.

The Trail Master Wagon from Simplay3 is helping us take safe walks together as a family. Little Bean loves being able to ride in a wagon, rather than a stroller. The wagon makes her feel like a big girl and is perfect for rolling along on concrete/cement or going off road and down a trail.

Our sweet Little Bean loves her new Trail Master Wagon by Simplay3! Nothing but smiles!

The Trail Master Wagon is so well-designed. We haven't had kiddo wagons in the past, but there's no need for comparison here. The shape of the wagon is really fun. Little Bean calls it her 'race wagon,' because she feels like she's in her own little race car when her daddy pulls her quickly. The wagon has a comfortable bench style seat, which sits up, rather than down. The seat straps keep your little one safely buckled in, and there's also a safety bar that raises up and down. The wagon features a built-in holder, which is perfect for a juice box, water bottle or snack container.

The Trailer Master Wagon has two wheels, which makes it super easy to push or pull. The curved and elongated handle is easy to grasp and hold onto while moving. My husband loves how easy it is to pull Little Bean along in the Trail Master Wagon, and guess what- even this mom, who has a weak wrist, has no problem pulling this wagon! It fits well into our hatchback if we want to take it to the park, and otherwise, we store it in the garage when it's not in use.

Additional product features:

High curved back and deep foot well for comfortable cruising
Rotating lap bar plus seat belt for secure ride
2 wheel “zero turn” design makes it simple to maneuver
Easy access drink holders for trail side water breaks
Release latch & turn handle in for space saving storage or transport

Splash & Play with the In & Out Activity Table

The In & Out Activity Table offers kids lots of ways to play- indoors or out!

Our sandbox bit the dust this season. After several years of being in our yard, the wood rotted and warped and became a favorite for carpenter bees. Sad as we are to see it go this summer, the kids are loving their favorite new table from Simplay3, which offers the perfect space for sand and/or water play outside, and is perfect for indoor play, as well!

The In & Out Activity Table was made for play! This awesome play space is designed to be used inside or out. For us, it's been the perfect sand and water table to have fun with this summer. 

The kids love to splash, play, and keep cool with their In & Out Activity Table from Simplay3.

This super durable table is convertible and has so many uses. As a mom, I'm wishing I'd had a table like this when B was a little guy, and I am extremely grateful to have it now that I have two sweet kiddos. The table can be used as pictured above. Each table end has a large basin which can be used to hold water, sand, store toys, craft supplies, etc. We have loved using it for water play this summer! Each of the kids can have their own side of the table to play, and then they can both use the table top together. The tabletop simply fits over the table ends and stays securely in place. There is a plastic crossbar that can be removed as you reconfigure the table, but it works to connect the table ends and help keep them in place during use.

The water table can also be used as a sand table- just fill the storage basins with play sand, which you can pick up at your local home improvement store. We do empty the water after each use, and we keep the sand covered to keep stray animals or pests out of it. To cover the basins, simply bring the table ends together, side by side. Lay the plastic bar across, diagonally to store it, and set the table top over the table ends. This holds all of the pieces together as one piece, making it easy to move from place to place, to pick up and place in storage, etc.

The top of the table has four built-in cup holders, and is a perfect spot for sharing snacks! You can even purchase additional chairs to add to the table, which can also be used and enjoyed indoors or out! The kids have been playing with and at this amazing play table since the day it arrived! They love it so much, and so do I! Not only is it perfect for outdoor use, but it's also great for playrooms, bedrooms, grandparent's houses, and classrooms!

Additional product features

Sand and water table on one side, activity table on the other
4 cup holders for snack time with friends
2 storage bins for sand, water, building blocks, or art supplies
Play, slide together, cover, and store

Simplay3 is helping our family have our best summer yet- right in our own neighborhood, and in our own backyard! We love these products that we've tested out so far, and can't wait to see how they hold up over the next few years. So far, so good! To clean these products, we've just wiped them down with warm soapy water and a cleaning cloth. The In & Out Activity Table has been out in our yard (and in the sun), and the Trail Master Wagon has been kept in the garage. 

We can't wait to see what Simplay3 rolls out with next, and hope to bring you even more fun product features, news, and more from this amazing brand.

Want them? Get them?

Simplay3 can help you have a wonderful summer, too! Head on over to their website to check out more of their award-winning products for kids (and cool products for the home, too!) & to purchase these products for your kiddos. 

Connect with Simplay3 on Facebook, Twitter, and IG.

Special thanks to Simplay3 for allowing us to introduce their products to our readers this summer!

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