Guiding Your Teen Through a Broken Heart

We have all experienced the loss of a romantic relationship and I have to admit that watching your teen go through the same or similar experience is heartbreaking. How do you help them through?

I told my children that there are three stages to love and that love will come to you at least three times in your lifetime.  Each experience is a stage or a phase in life that leads you to true love.  Every person has a true love and that is why they make so many movies about it.

Puppy love- Puppy love is the first time you fall in love. Someone makes you happy and they mean a lot to you.  Like a puppy, people grow and this phase is meant to be just that a phase.  It is a step in growing up to real love.

Dog love- This is the love that will heal your broken heart. This love will teach you that people are good and kind and to keep working to meet the right person. This love is a phase as the older you get the wiser you get. This love will teach you that love exists and is wonderful again.  Dog love is usually temporary as is the life of a dog.  They will be there to make you happy while they can but one day they need to go on to make someone else happy too.

True love- This love will be like no other. You will feel and actually be appreciated. This person will be your friend, your partner, and your supporter in everything.
True love is the one that will heal all things. 

How do you guide you teen through a broken heart?

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