Finding a Balance-Monday Motivation

Summer. Summer to me means playing in the pool, playing outside, and generally enjoying the weather. However, it also means much more yard work and other activities. 

Every week I've noticed that something suffers because I'm not finding a balance. Of course, it is never time with the kiddos, which is most important, but time for me and as a family are also important. 

What now? 

Instead of feeling like I have to do everything every day, I'm going to get a little done every day: yard work, laundry, clean something, and exercise at least 10 minutes (stretching, yoga, some crunches, anything). Some days I complete some of this, other days I don't. I know days go like this, but I'd like a little more consistency if possible.

I think this will make me feel better, but will also help me achieve the balance for which I'm searching. I already plan meals and our activities weekly. Maybe I should do the same with the other to-dos I'm trying to incorporate. 

What are you balancing? 

Do you have any tips for other mommas like me trying to find a balance? I know some moms keep a cleaning schedule. Does this help?

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