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Creating the Play Barn Your Kids Will Love

If you already have an outbuilding, such as a derelict barn or shed, you can create the ultimate adventure space for your kids where they can have loads of fun and safely play their favorite games, engage in crafts and art, and decorate the walls with their work. Below you’ll find a few tips to help you get started with creating the ultimate play barn that will not only impress your kids, but also their friends.

Rustic and Clean Decor

You don’t really have to spend a fortune on decorating; indeed, you can create a barn project that will be adventurous and easily turn into a pirate ship or a palace. You might want to leave the surfaces untouched so your kids can make as much mess as they want to. However, you will have to pay attention to safety. Remove any loose fittings and pipes, and make sure that electricity switches and plugs are not within reach.  

Get Them Involved in the Design

A great way to tailor the play barn to the needs and current whims of your kids is to involve them in planning it. They can use their imagination to make the most out of the space available and design the layout, furniture, entertainment, and pin boards that will feature their best work or their mottos.

Work Bench to Fit All Sizes

It is important that you create a comfortable seating area for kids who would rather kick back with a book or play with blocks than get involved in craft projects. Still, those who like getting their hands dirty will need a table or workbench. You need to be prepared for your kids to grow faster than you could imagine, so an adjustable table or bench is a great idea. You can also get some stools where they can sit or kneel, also adjustable to size.

Heating and Insulation

To be able to make use of the play area all year round, you will have to pay attention to the insulation and heating. Simply adding a foam flooring that insulates and reduces the impact of falls can improve the safety and comfort of the room. At the same time, you might want to add insulating boards and Fiberglass Windows so you can make the most out of your heating. Portable room heaters and air conditioners are the safest solutions for playrooms.  

Crafty Signs

Help your kids design the crafty signs that you put on the play barn and let them express their feelings and creativity through unique plaques. You can help them create warning signs on the door, or label the different areas of the room so they can find everything at ease.

You can make a difference in your kids’ lives if you can create a safe space where they can design their crafts, play, and decorate the walls without being told off by adults. A play barn is a great idea if you have some spare space, and can teach your kids independence and responsibility.

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