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Change Up Your Jewelry Style with PrimeStyle Jewelry

What's your jewelry style like? Mine has always been on the conservative side, and it's just been in recent years that I have broken a bit out of the mold and have started wearing bolder, chunkier fashion jewelry. Sunflower Pendant is the latest addition to my collection. My heart will forever pine for classic jewelry looks, though. Growing up, I was always drawn to pearls (still am), and the older I have gotten, the more I have grown to love diamonds and precious jewels.


We often hear the term 'bling' and think of over the top, decadent jewelry which might even leave a bad taste in our mouths when spotted. The jewelry we wear is just one more way to express our individuality and personal style. Now, many think that diamonds and other jewels are best reserved for the holidays and wintertime. On the contrary, spring and summer is the perfect time to break out your 'ice,' and amp up your style.

Diamond studs are just one of those staple jewelry pieces that every girl should have in their jewelry box. You really can't go wrong with a small pair of simple studs, like these gorgeous Diamond Stud Earrings with 0.25CT Total Weight In 14KT White Gold Setting. These types of studs can be worn daily- with everything from office attire to jeans and a baseball cap. My younger sister is a big fan of wearing her diamond stud earrings with just about everything, and she always looks so smart and well put together by doing so.

A cross pendant is a very special jewelry item that many religious women hold dear. I started collecting cross jewelry when I was just a young girl. Through the years, I have received some truly lovely pieces. Recently, I added a simple cross necklace to my personal wishlist. While I did receive one, which I love, I have since found a desire for a cross pendant which is a bit more ornate, but still simple. I adore this beautifully designed cross pendant, which features 14KT White Gold with 0.60CT Round Cut Diamonds (I-J Color and VS2-SI1 Clarity). Cross pendants are perfect gift items for occasions such as weddings, first communion, baptism, confirmation, etc.

Tennis bracelets are another popular gift option for birthdays and special occasions. One of my favorite guilty pleasure shows is RHONY (Real Housewives on NY on BRAVO), and there have been many episodes where I have drooled over the gorgeous tennis bracelets some of the housewives have received as gifts. Tennis bracelets are simple, elegant, and certainly make a statement. They're actually much more affordable than you may think and don't have to be reserved for galas, nice dinners or benefits. You can easily wear a tennis bracelet stacked with other favorite bracelets (this is a popular fashion trend at the moment), and can wear them from the tennis court to Sunday brunch and look fabulous!

Let's talk rings for a minute. I'm actually not a big fan of rings, but I have been asking (or hinting to) my husband that I would really love to add a third ring to my wedding ring set, or have a ring with a larger setting and stone that I can wear when we go out. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and really didn't do anything special. Both my engagement ring and wedding band are very plain and minimalist in design. I'd love to have the option to stack a third ring with a little more oomph for nicer occasions. I have had my eye on some gorgeous affordable engagement rings from PrimeStyle. The recent Royal Wedding has had me in a most romantic mood! I might just choose a couple of different rings to swap out depending on the occasion.

Gone are the days of having just one ring. In this modern day, girls love to have options (I know I do!). By making a bit of an investment in a few key pieces of fine jewelry, you can really play up your look or take your outfit from day to evening, just by switching your earrings or your ring.

I've shown you lots of favorites and my personal top picks from PrimeStyle. So, now it's your turn to tell me which styles you love best. What are your jewelry box must-haves?

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