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Birthday Gifts for Brothers

Some relationships have a meaning beyond love and all the softness. It is a relationship full of fights, throwing tantrums at each other or just picking fights and teasing because the charm of this relationship is those adorable fights. If you have not already guessed it, yes, we are talking about a brother. Whether you are a male or a female, that doesn't matter, but the brotherhood is a whole new experience. For these tricks and treats, fights and hugs, smiles and anger, there should be a gift to celebrate these emotions. We have jotted down a few relevant items that you may decide upon to gift him on his birthday.

Phone stand for vehicles

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When traveling via a car or any other vehicle it is very difficult to navigate or do something on your phone because your hands need to be on the wheel. Thus, this phone stand for vehicles is a very useful gift you can get your brother so that he doesn't distract himself while driving. He can watch something or just change the song from the phone without much of an effort. What is best is to follow maps from the phone.

Decorated Gaming station

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This is probably one of the gifts that your brother will love with all his heart. Boys including men are in general the biggest freaks of gaming. And more often they are hardcore lovers of desktop gaming. Create a hub for him for gaming by decorating an entire area with lights and so on. You can also add some innovative gaming extensions like the smoke release bot etc to make the entire gaming experience more happening for him.

Foosball table

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There is a big craze for bar outdoor games and one of the most popular one is Foosball. You must have seen a live Foosball board somewhere or the other and may have really enjoyed playing on it. Thus, you can get your brother a personal Foosball table of his own. He can call over his friends to play with him. It will also be a great activity for the upcoming party's he will throw. I think this some really good birthday gift for your brother.

Re-stage a childhood memory

You may have some memory from your childhood with your brother which you really cherish. It could be simply a photograph or an old place where you guys spent your childhood. Nevertheless, you can plan to re-create a moment from the childhood picture by arranging similar clothes, going to the same spot, it could be a play where you both had gone for a vacation or some special pose which you would wish to and he would really enjoy recreating.

Golf set

If you want to have a suave statement with your gift then you can get him a sport set that is made for men. You can get the best golf kit set for him to upgrade his existing one or to give him one that he wants to have for long. It is especially for those who are sporty and induce a passion for this game. It is a great hobby sport for the vacations or the weekends.  

Beard grooming kit


Men of this age are mostly metro sexual who take a lot of care and effort on their grooming and hygiene. The beard grooming kit is a mix of a lot of products that help you take care of your beard just like your hair and keep it stylized well. So, if your brother is crazy about growing a beard then you can help him keep it groomed well with different kind of luxurious kits that are available nowadays.

Specialized workout diary or notebook
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This is for all the fitness freak brothers or one who wants to start a new fitter way to life on his birthday. It is a journal that has all the diet, exercise and various other things divided into sections that help you to keep a tab on your progress. It is customized in such a way that it can also help as a great inspiration or you can call it a motivation to adapt a healthy fit life.


We all learn about galaxies and everything unseen present in the space in our growing years. The subject itself is so enticing that we all would love to visit the space one surrounded by all these planets. But of course it is difficult but that doesn't mean you can have a glimpse of it sitting miles away. This telescope is a great way to spend nights looking at the mesmerizing sky and all the other unbelievable objects in the galaxy.

Streaming subscription

Movies have become a lot viable to the audience of this generation due to the invention of different streaming websites available over the internet. There is no classification of people who watch this and who don't. Everybody equally enjoys these subscriptions to watch a collection of new content or to watch some of the old content repeatedly. If you get this subscription for free then nothing like it. You can gift him a voucher or a yearly subscription.

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