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5 Summer Wardrobe Staples You've Just Got to Have!

Sweet, sweet summer! Those days we've longed for are finally here, and all of the things we love about summer are making themselves seen and heard. Summer cookouts, pool parties, day trips, and warm summer nights under the stars are things most of us dream about all year long. Once summer finally arrives, it's a good thing to be prepared and have everything you need to kick off the summer season on the right foot.

You might not think about prepping your summer wardrobe too far in advance, and that's perfectly okay. Not everyone has the time or the financial means to stock up on lots of summer fashion pieces before the official start of summer. I'm a deal shopper and love to search through sale racks to find amazing apparel, shoes, and accessories for myself and my family. While we're busy planning our summer adventures- beach trips, day trips to the water park, etc., I'm making sure that I have my personal summer essentials ready.

Here are the top 5 summer wardrobe staples you've just got to have...

1. A fabulous sundress

One of my husband's favorite things about summer is that he sees me in way more dresses than any other time of the year. Sundresses are perfect for daytime trips, casual brunches, date night, or a stroll around town with your family. Every girl should have at least one sundress that absolutely adores. I have a few favorites, but always seem to have lots of luck at local boutiques, and stores like J Crew. I tend to stick with stores I know when it comes to buying dresses because then I know I don't have to worry about sizing or the way something fits.

2. A casual pair of closed toe shoes

I've been a summer sandals gal most of my young adult/adult life. After I became a mom, I realized that sandals weren't always going to be an appropriate choice in summertime footwear. I don't always have time for pedicures or to touch up my polish, so in a pinch, I might have to cover those tootsies up. I am also much more active in the sense that my day can have me chasing my toddler in the backyard, at the local park, or I might even find myself on a trail in the woods. My top shoe choices for summer are Converse Chucks, Keds or my all-time fave- Unstitched Utilities. Any of these would look great with crops, shorts, skirts, sundresses or skinnies.

3. A great pair of sunglasses

My eyes are extra sensitive to bright light, so I never go anywhere without my sunglasses. I have lots of pairs of sunglasses and usually swap them out depending on the look of my outfit or the activities we'll be doing. Tight-fitting sunglasses are perfect for outdoor adventures like boating, rafting, amusement parks, and things of that nature.

I also love flip-up sunglasses. Thi style lets me flip the lenses up so I can quickly take photos, read information or my phone screen without having to juggle the constant top of head to face swap with traditional styles.

4. Stackable jewelry

I tend to wear bracelets much more in the summertime. Must have something to do with those bare arms. Stackable jewelry has been making big waves in the trending accessories department for a few seasons now. You can easily stack different styles of bracelets to create a unique look. Wrap bracelets are also popular and give the appearance of a nice stacked look. You can stack more than just bracelets... stacked rings are super trendy, especially those which bear a mini initial or zodiac sign. You can even 'stack' necklaces by layering different necklaces of varying lengths.

5. White jeans

Up until a few years ago, I never would have ventured to wear white jeans. There are a number of reasons not to wear them. My main reason was always having a sticky kid crawling all over me, but I learned to stop worrying about the what-if's and start wearing the pieces I wanted to wear. There are some summer tops that are really made to be worn with white bottoms. A good pair of white jeans will look amazing with natural colored sandals and a flowy blouse or casual top. Don't let summer pass you by without at least trying an outfit with white jeans.

What are your must-have pieces for summer? 
Let me know if I forgot about any!

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