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5 Reasons Why Summer is More Fun in a JEEP

Have you ever looked at summer vacation photos from friends on social media and just been in awe of the awesome adventures they've been having? I sure have. More often than not, those adventure seekers are JEEP owners. While I'm not a JEEP owner myself, I'm no stranger to the fun that comes along with owning one. My sister and brother-in-law each drive JEEPs, and absolutely love them. In fact, they've owned multiple JEEPs through the years and really have no plans to switch to a different make/model than the ones they have.

There are lots of reasons to love JEEPs, and having ridden in a few over the years, I can absolutely attest to how much fun they are to ride in. My 7-year-old was so excited to ride in his uncle's JEEP with the top off when we were at the beach last summer on our family vacation.

Here are 5 reasons why summer is more fun in a JEEP...

Off-Road Adventures

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about driving a JEEP is that you can have off-road adventures, pretty much anywhere. Whether you're a beach person or mountain person, you can take your JEEP off of the actual road and drive through elements like sand, water, rocky terrain, etc. Just make sure that you are able to legally drive on the beach if you choose to take this type of adventure. There are lots of NC beaches that will allow you to drive out on the beach and you really don't have to worry about getting stuck if you're in a JEEP.

You Can Take the Doors Off

Another fun perk of being a JEEP owner is that you can take the top and doors off of the vehicle, legally. I don't know if you've ever ridden through small beach towns with the doors and top off of a JEEP before, but it's so much fun! I'd almost dare to say- JEEPs are made for beach life!


Believe it or not, JEEPs have a lot more interior room than you might think. When I last rode in the back seat of my brother-in-law's JEEP, I was really surprised by how much room there was- even for car seats, pets or cargo. My sister and her hubby always travel in their JEEP, and they have to drive halfway across the country every time they come home for a visit.

Tire Cover Challenge

Every JEEP owner takes pride and joy in selecting just the right tire cover for that back tire. It's a fun way to show off your personality. Some JEEP owners collect different tire covers and change them out through the year. It's a lot of fun to change them out depending on the seasons.

JEEP Family

There is an amazing community of JEEP owners and enthusiasts out there. It's an absolutely family when it comes right down to it, and JEEP lovers just love to band together! Outfit yourself in JEEP apparel, throw your hair up in a top knot, and let the wind take you away- in your JEEP, of course! Summer adventures await!

Brought to you by Efird Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Have you ever ridden in a JEEP? What are your thoughts on them?

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