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Why You Should Consider a Crossover Vehicle

Have you noticed that crossover vehicles seem to be popping up everywhere lately? It's no secret that more and more families are opting for these elevated, extended vehicles over sedans or large SUVs. Given their price point, features, and overall benefits, it's not surprising that crossovers are all the rage in the US. So, what exactly is it that makes them so highly sought after? As it turns out, it's quite a few things. Let's take a look at why so many auto shoppers are on the lookout for their perfect crossover fit.

Having been a sedan girl all of my life, the thought of owning a full-fledged SUV has always sort of scared me. My depth perception isn't great, and sitting way up high in a huge vehicle makes me incredibly nervous. My husband has always been a fan of sportier sedans because he likes to be able to actually feel the road, which makes him feel like he has more overall control of the car.

Don't get me wrong- I've said many times that with a growing family, as actually need a larger vehicle, which is more efficient for our family's needs. Neither one of us wants to drive a big SUV, though, which is why we've been drawn to crossover vehicles.

Here are 5 Reasons to Consider a Crossover


One of the reasons that so many people wind up purchasing an SUV, is for the increased visibility. Many drivers like being able to sit up higher, and have a better view of the road from a different angle. You'll have fewer blind spots, which will ultimately keep you and your family safer. You'll also be able to see further ahead when in traffic. One of the downfalls of driving a sedan is that you can't see over or around any vehicle that is wider or taller than yours.


Larger vehicles do tend to be safer in accidents. Many of today's crossover vehicles have excellent safety ratings.

Extra Room

This is probably a no-brainer, but crossover vehicles will automatically give you extra room. If you need more seats to carry more people, crossovers often have an optional third row, which can truly come in hand if you have kids, pets, or do a lot of traveling. It also provides you with flex space. Seats can often be stowed or removed completely, giving you open space for hauling larger items. IKEA lovers, eat your heart out!

Verticle Space

One of the downfalls of many sedans is that there just isn't ample verticle space. If you have long arms, legs, or are taller in general, you'll be much more comfortable in a crossover with more space overhead. You'll also have more room in the back for storing or hauling large items- think of how much you'll appreciate that concept on your next family road trip.

Fit for Adventure

I remember the first time my husband added a bike rack to the back of our little sedan after we were first married. I thought it looked a bit ridiculous, and that we just didn't have the proper vehicle for toting along adventure equipment. If you are outdoorsy and tend to travel with gear like bikes, kayaks, tents or the like, it's much easier to take them along when you have a crossover. Many of them even come with roof racks, or added hitches. If you have infants or small children, it's also much easier to take along baby gear, such as strollers, pack 'n plays, or anything else you might need for them.

We've been super impressed with the gorgeous crossover styles from Subaru lately- and we've added a Crosstrek to our wishlist! It would certainly make life as a family of four a lot easier!

What are some of your favorite crossover styles?

This post brought to you by Redman-Toll Subaru.

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