What is Astral Projection?

Among studies of yoga and meditation are philosophies of ancient cultures. One of the concepts in these philosophies is the idea that living organisms are constructed of different layers or plates. A good example is the profound teachings of Kundalini yoga that proclaim the existence of ten bodies, a physical body, six energy bodies, and a mental body.

According to Ancient Egyptians, the physical body is a temporary home for an eternal life force and the soul. Astral energy, therefore, is a powerful form of an out of body experience where the soul separates from the body then traverses one’s astral plane.
People who practice astral projection are always aware that their consciousness would be extracted from the physical form, and they also bear cognition of the restoration process that brings back the soul to the body. Different astral projection methods have been discovered and have shown to be effective and safe.

How to Astral Project?

If you would like to know how to astral project, there is a guideline that you need to follow. To get this done, you could borrow from Bob Monroe, who founded a research organization, The Monroe Institute, which investigated human consciousness. He created a body of work called Journeys Out of the Body that was released in 1971.
In this body of work, he provides an outline of seven steps one could follow to project astrally:
Step 1: Relax yourself both mentally and physically.
Step 2: Enter a state of half-speed, also known as the hypnogogic state.
Step 3: Prioritize mental sensation instead of physical sensation to deepen the state.
Step 4: Focus on the presence of vibration in the environment. This vibration becomes apparent when in deep attention.
Step 5: Get the vibration in the physical body, and into its presence relax. This gently giggles the body out of the physical body.
Step 6: Concentrate your thoughts towards leaving your torso and limbs and do it at the same time.
Step 7: Focus on shifting from your physical body in a process called “lifting out.”
Journeys Out of the Body is just one of the methods you could use to astral project. There are many others out there that you can check out that will give you the same results.

Exploring the Astral Plane

Once you master how to astral project your soul from the body, you can prompt the soul to go into another room to confirm that you were two planes. After lifting the soul from the body, walk into another room and pick something you had not observed before physically then record a mental note of the size, color, and any other details. Get back to your body and after this physically go into the room you projected yourself into. Confirm if the features you noted are the same about the object.
With astral projection, you can explore many things about your body. You can discover the different plates that make up your life. It is a process you can use to learn more about yourself, and many experts argue that it could be used to heal others through distance healing, which is very powerful. Check out the procedure suggested here and also look up other ideas you could follow to astral project.

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