Teach Your Little One When to Wake with Big Red Rooster's Sleep Training Alarm Clock

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Sleep: one of the most difficult battles as a parent, at least for me. My oldest was a terrible sleeper as an infant and I never did get him on a schedule. Now that he is 2.5, he is sleeping better but still gets out of bed a little earlier than I would like. Lights, camera, sleep training alarm clock. I have not only used this at night but for naps as well (another battle I continue to fight because I know he gets too tired during the day). So far, it is working as well as I had hoped. Do you have an early riser? Read on!

The Sleep Training Alarm Clock Helps Everyone Catch More Zzz's

There are a few designs of this particular sleep training alarm clock that I appreciate most. 

1. It has an inviting design. 

Who doesn't love a little puppy? It isn't too kiddie, but is very approachable for the little ones. 

2. Colors!

It uses colors as indicators. Simple, two colors: very easy for Hendrix to understand. Red means he stays in bed and green means he can get out of bed. Simple as that. 


3. AC or battery operated

Outlets are not always convenient for placement of an alarm clock. I love that this sleep training alarm clock has the option. 

Of course, there are parental controls. The clock is very easy to setup and manage.

Hendrix has been sleeping better, but this sleep training alarm clock is a game changer. No more battles about going back to bed or getting out of bed during nap time. Just look at the puppy and he knows whether or not to get up. I'm so excited to continue using this with Hendrix and my littlest, Maverick when he gets old enough. 

Want it? Buy it!

You can purchase the Sleep Training Alarm Clock for $24.99 w/Prime shipping in the MBP Amazon shop. For all the extra sleep you'll get, this is a bargain. 

Have you ever used a sleep training alarm clock? I'd love to hear your experiences. 

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