Summer, Here We Come!

I'm sure you've already seen countless memes from parents and teachers, counting down to the end of the school year and the official start of summer break. Heck, you've probably even seen some of the ones we've shared on the MBP Facebook page. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves. Today was the last day of school for B, and it was definitely bittersweet.

Early this morning, we gathered in the gym at B's school, and proudly cheered him and his classmates on as we celebrated their accomplishments this semester. B came home with four awards, and needless to say, his dad and I are so super proud of him. We do have high expectations for him, and he usually makes schoolwork and homework seem effortless. We love that he has a thirst for knowledge, and is very much looking forward to starting second grade in the fall. 

We'll certainly be structuring parts of our days this summer to incorporate summer reading programs for school, and our local library. We'll also practice math, spelling, and get a leg up on an introduction to Latin, as B will start learning Latin at school in the fall. He's very excited about it, too!

As far as summer plans, we're sort of taking it easy this summer. We plan on taking a trip to the beach, and visiting lots of local attractions, maybe with a few surprises thrown in. I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer with my babies!

I'd love to hear about your summer plans! Be sure to tell me all about them in the comments!

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  1. Summer days will be the same as fall days around here except for the pool time! Looking forward to getting my little guy in the water!


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