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Reliving Memories- Wordless Wednesday

It's been a month since our trip to Florida and I am still missing it. Since it'll be a while before we're able to go back, I've been spending the last few days going through all the pictures we took. This picture is one of my favorites. It was our last Disney day and we went to Epcot. We loved looking at all of the topiaries and flowers throughout the park and this "Lady and the Tramp" grouping was a family favorite. 

This shot is another favorite picture from our trip. It was taken as we were preparing to leave Epcot and I loved the way the lights were hitting the structure. 

And even though this is not one of the best pictures, I love it because this is when we first got to the airport to head to Florida and the girls still had no idea what was going on! Shortly after, they figured we were flying somewhere but had no idea we were going to Florida until we actually got there! 

I think I'll stop sharing pictures now, or we'll all be here all day and this becomes one of the wordiest "Wordless Wednesday" posts ever.  

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