Pregnancy Food Swaps You'll Be Grateful For

When the stick goes positive and you find out you are pregnant, there’s every chance that a million warnings about all the things you can and cannot do jump through your head.

  • No trampolining!
  • No runny yolks!
  • No energy drinks!

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No one likes to be told what they can and cannot eat. The thing is when you’re pregnant, you’re not minding your health and your diet for yourself. You’re doing it for the unborn foetus in your womb, the nugget that’s already sapping all your energy. The good news, though, is that for all the ‘no’s’ that you hear, there will be a ‘yes’ waiting for you to snatch it up with both hands. Pregnancy isn’t about restriction, it’s about swapping out the things that could stunt the growth of your baby or introduce bacteria into your system. So, what are the swaps that you can work with as a pregnant woman craving a little energy?
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Swap…Energy Drinks. If you are used to chugging down an energy drink each day because hot drinks just aren’t your thang, then you are in luck. Water is your new best friend. Did you know that drinking water replenishes your energy stores as much as an energy drink can do? A hydrated brain is one that is fired up and ready to go every day. Aim for a minimum of two litres each day of your pregnancy and more if you need it.

Swap…Coffee. Yep, I’m so sorry to inform you that your regular cup of coffee every morning now needs to switch. Too much caffeine in your system isn’t good for your little poppy seed. You can swap to a decaf instant coffee for the main part of the day. The good news is that you are allowed to have one cup of normal coffee per day, but just the one. If it’s going to be too hard to stick to just one, then you need to stick to decaf. It’s only nine months, right?

Swap…Runny Eggs. Due to the risk of salmonella in pregnancy, it’s always best to avoid runny yolks. Don’t worry though, you can still enjoy eggs with your breakfast. Scramble them, hard boil them and even fry them up – just make sure the yolk is solid and the white is cooked through. A dippy egg can be in your future again, you’ve just got to wait until after the birth of your cherub.

Swap…Some Soft Cheese. No more schmear on your bagel for a few months, especially if your schmear is a brie cheese. It’s always better to avoid a listeria risk by going for a new bagel topping or simply only eating hard cheeses.
Pregnancy doesn’t have to be full of things to avoid – it is a time of being able to feel whole and fulfilled as a person and as a woman. Enjoy every second of it and make sure that you are as healthy as you can be. For you and for your baby.

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