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Places to Spend Mother's Day with Your Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you don’t have an idea what to do for her this year, this article is just right for you. The beauty about family is that quality time matters more than any expensive gift, and so planning to spend the day with her is one of the best gifts you can give, regardless of what you do with the day.

Start her off with a breakfast tray in bed, filled with fresh juice, a cup of tea or coffee and her favorite pastries from your nearest Panera Bread store. Be sure to clean up the kitchen afterward so that she doesn’t have to worry about that during your day together. Afterward, here are some ideas based on where you are and what she likes.

1. Plan for a little rest & relaxation.

You can go with her or send her to a spa, a relaxing massage, or a manicure and pedicure which is a good way to work off her kinks and leave her feeling refreshed and beautiful. Be sure to book in advance to get the best services, since spas are likely to be booked on Mother’s Day. If a spa day is out of reach, draw her a soothing bubble bath with scented candles and allow her to soak with a glass of wine and her favorite author. The bath can be a prelude to your day together, or a relaxing end to an activity-packed day.

2. Give her a short vacation.

You don’t have to send her to Paris for a week (although she probably deserves it and more); a day and night at a quaint little B&B, a short drive a way can do wonders for you and mom. Because this is all about her, you can call ahead to ensure the facility has some of her favorite meals ready. Be sure to make arrangements for those left at home, such as a sitter for young children and pets. Delve into her bucket list and find out one thing you can help her strike off while you’re on your little trip.

3. Go for a picnic and the movies.

Your mother may not really understand or appreciate whatever is currently showing on big screens, but there are many other movies she might appreciate. Start with a picnic at a nearby park (prepare and pack the picnic basket in advance) and spend the day enjoying the lovely spring weather. You can also rent a home movie and watch it together – classic movies you watched as children are a great way to take a trip down memory lane.

Remember to talk to your dad and siblings to make sure you don’t create conflicting plans. You can all chip in for a family day out or mini-trip, or replay an old tradition that will melt your mom’s heart. Whatever you do, remember that your mommy loves you, and will probably love the thought behind whatever little things you manage to do for her this Mother’s Day!

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