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#Motivation Monday: Ready to Tackle the Week!

Happy Monday, friends! We've arrived at the start of another week and officially on the countdown to the long Memorial Day weekend ahead! I don't know about you, but I feel so much better when I've had time to prepare for the week. I am no stranger to the Sunday Scaries... You know - That "Sunday night" feeling when you start switching from weekend mode to stressing about the week to come. As a general rule, I try to leave my Sundays completely open to just hang out at home, catch up on some reading, and get some chores done. Now, this maybe happens about once a month, but when it does work out, my week is always infinitely better.

Here are some of the ways I combat the Scaries and prepare for the week!

1. Clean the House

You'll feel much better heading into a new week if the house is in order. Run a quick vacuum on Sunday afternoon, make sure the sink is empty of dishes, and the counters are wiped down. I'm not saying you have to do a full spring cleaning every week. "Clean" is sometimes relative. Really, as long as the house is tidy, I'd mark this one off as a win.

2. Do the Laundry

Is anyone ever really caught up on laundry? Still, Sunday is usually my day to get a few loads done. If I'm really ambitious, the laundry will be clean, folded, and put away. But you know, most times I'll settle for clean and in a basket somewhere. 

3. Go Grocery Shopping

This is huge for me. If we have food in the house, that means I definitely have something to pack for lunch, something to put out for dinner, healthy snacks, etc. Braving the grocery store on Sundays is usually an impressive feat, so definitely pat yourself on the back for pulling this off!

4. Meal Prep

This kind of goes along with grocery shopping, but I definitely don't always get around to actually prepping. I love a good meal prep - I live for the mini-Tupperware containers that go along with pre-portioning your food. It's so easy to just grab one each morning and go. This week, I made a tasty pasta salad for work lunches.

5. Get to Bed Early!

A good night's rest is always the key for me to starting the week off on the right foot, so definitely don't skip out on snuggling in early. This sets the mood for the rest of the week.

How do you prepare to take on the week? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. All of that is good advice!

    Getting all my shopping done before the week starts is the biggest one for me.


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