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A Memorable Milestone: from Baby to Young Adult in the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye, the little boy I made is staring back at me as a man.  There are so many things in the last 17 years that I have done wrong, that I wish I could back and do, or make never happen, but having my son will never be one of them.

I raised E as a single mom until he was 5 and I  met my now husband.  I had help from my sisters and mom, but I was determined to have a career and provide for him.  I worked long hours and struggled to be filling the roles of provider, mom, dad, and everything that entailed.  For everything I did right I struggled with everything I perceived I did wrong.

I believed at times I was the worst parent, but my love for you never wavered and it never will.
You are my baby then, now, and always. Most like toast, super duper, to infinity and beyond.

Today, I look at E and realize that while I struggled he didn’t suffer from it. I taught him that life has trials and tribulations. I taught him to stand up for himself and to always treat others with kindness.  I raised a man.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful soul I know.  I am so proud of you and thankful for you every day.  You make me a better person.  You have filled my heart with a love that can never be diminished and have given me a purpose I never knew I wanted.  I love you with all of my heart.

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