Hiking Safety 101: Tips to Keep Your Family Safe this Summer

With summer fast approaching many families are taking to outdoor activities.  As a mom, I am always looking for ways to keep my child safe while having fun outdoors.  Hiking is a favorite in my house.

Yesterday, we woke to the news of a family friend having a scare of their child lost during a hiking excursion.  The severity of the situation was terrifying to me.  Thankfully, the child was found safe, but it was in large part to being prepared for the situation..

Overnight this young man was able to feed himself, keep himself warm, and also keep himself safe from animals in the woods.  He had food and water that he knew to ration just in case he wasn't able to locate his family or they, him.  While impressed with his actions and quick thinking, I couldn't help but think if my children are prepared for an unexpected situation. 

Learning Safety-  It is important to teach children responsibility from a young age, because it can mean the difference between harm and safety.

Hiking Safety has some amazing tips to help keep you and your family safe this summer. Be sure to check them out and plan a course of action in the worst case scenario. Better safe than sorry.

Stay safe out there this summer!

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