Happy Mother’s Day

In full disclosure, I never dreamed of being a mom.  I wanted a career and success.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect my greatest title would be Mom and the success I dreamed of would be staring at me with eyes so much like mine.

I grew up with a strong group of women and didn't realize that one day they would sculpt me into the mom I would become. 
My mom has four daughters and that is no easy feat.  Being her daughter I know there is nothing that she wouldn't do for us and her grandchildren.  I am proud to call her my mom and thankful for her beyond measure.

My grandmother is the matriarch of our family.  No matter the hardships she has faced, she is always smiling and there for her children and grandchildren.  My grandmother has inspired me to be in love and to put family first.  I am blessed to have her as mine.

Mother's Day for me wouldn't be possible without these two.  They are my entire world and I am so grateful for my children.  I am thankful to the woman who gave me a beautiful daughter and allows me to co-parent.  I will always see my children as this tiny, but they are not so much anymore...

Thank you to my husband that gives me the support to be the mom I choose to be.  To the man that loves my son as much as I do.  I am thankful to you for blessing me with two beautiful children.

Happy Mother's Day to all our mommy friends.

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