Diy Gifts for Your Family and Friends

I really love to give gifts! I prefer to prepare creative DIY gifts because, as for me, homemade gifts are more personal and pleasant than store-bought ones. By the way, they are also more affordable and sometimes it takes less time to make a DIY gift than to choose a suitable present for someone in the store. Believe me, you haven`t to be a master crafter to create cool meaningful handmade gifts for your loved one, family members or friends. You just have to be attentive, thoughtful and a little creative to prepare the most personalized homemade gifts for your nearest and dearest. Here I`d like to share with you my best creative DIY gift ideas that almost everyone can make and if you just don't have the time, then check out Hampers Across Melbourne for a gift hamper.

DIY Painted/Texted Mug

We all usually drink a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. So why don't gift a cute DIY painted or texted mug to someone special? Just imagine, this person will remember you and smile everyday drinking tea or coffee. In addition, this is a unique present because you may choose any design or text you like and at the same time such cup is known as one of the most universal DIY gifts for women as well as men.

Funny Pom-Pom Letter

Pom-poms are always associated with holidays and make us smile. A message from bright pom-poms placed on the wall will be an awesome surprise for any family member or friend. In fact, I've never met a person who doesn't like pom-poms. So I think this is a really good gift that can lift the mood immediately!

Personalized Silhouette Pillow

When you decide to create a handmade gift, this means that you are ready to give a very personalized gift to a very dear person. A silhouette pillow will be a great gift for your parents, grandparents, loved one and, of course, friends. Moreover, a silhouette pillow is one of the most suitable gifts for boyfriend`s mom or mother-in-law. Such a gorgeous pillow will fit perfectly into any d├ęcor and will look really trendy. Besides, you shouldn't worry, a silhouette pillow is pretty easy to make. Just try!

Photo Collage Frame

You may say that it's quite ordinary to gift a DIY photo collage frame. Yes, I agree that`s a little trite, but still relevant and so pleased! To select your favorite photos means to select your brightest impressions and to relive them again.

Your Own Storybook

If you really want to amaze your loved one or best friend, you can create your own storybook (or your own love storybook it will depend on whom you`re going to gift it). This is actually a perfect personalized DIY gift for any holiday. Be sure the person will be thrilled to get this wonderful and so memorable gift from you.

Have you ever given DIY gifts to your family or friends? Have you found my ideas interesting and useful? If you have more ideas, please share them with me in the comments!

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