Dear Florida, I Miss You!

We've been home for a little over two weeks now and even though I am still happy to be back home, I am really missing Florida. There is just something about the "vibe" down there that has me wishing we could already call Florida home. We've been dreaming of moving down for at least 10 years, but we've been having trouble with figuring out just how to make that dream a reality.
All I know is if we already lived in Florida.....

We'd be done with snow days! Don't get me wrong, I love unplanned days off, but I dread making those days up. 

These two princesses would get to visit Disney more than once every few years. I mean, we wouldn't go too often, it is pretty expensive, but it'd be easier to plan a trip if we lived closer!

Nicer year-round weather would make it easier to grow plants. I'd love to have a thriving garden one day. 

Nicer year-round weather also means more time outside- by the pool or just lounging in a comfy hammock!

Dear Florida,
I miss you! I hope that one day soon we can see each other again and not have to worry about parting ways. I'm looking forward to the day my driver's license says FLORIDA and I have to wear a sweater when the temperature "drops" to 65. Until we meet again.


  1. I lived in Ormond Beach for years until 6 1/2 years ago. I do miss the beach but we have the beach a couple of hours from us so that is not bad :)

  2. I have lived in Connecticut my entire life. I am so over it.


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