Buying Your Kids the Best Shoes On the Market

Kids can be difficult to buy for, especially when it comes to clothing. Their tastes change as they grow up and there’s always going to be some sort of trend or another that they want to be involved in. So something that might have appealed to them a year ago may be something they’re no longer remotely interested in.

The good news is that when it comes to footwear, the most desired brands tend to be classics that don’t go out of style. They’re likely to last your kids until they quite literally grow out of them. So, let’s take a look at a few that you might want to invest in for them!


Now, sneakers tend to be day to day items of wear that kids will throw on no matter what they’re going to spend the day doing. Whether they’re out in the garden, heading to the local park, going into town, or visiting a friend, sneakers will do the job when it comes to footwear. But with so many brands and styles, it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s not. This is why you need a steadfast brand that will give you a high-quality shoe. Nike Air Jordans are a pretty surefire way of keeping a smile on your children's’ faces. This classic shoe was made famous by world-famous basketball player Michael Jordan in the 1980s, so chances are that they’ve been around for longer than your kids have! But they really have stood the test of time in fashion stakes. While the style and design changes from one line to another, they can easily be identified by the iconic silhouette of Michael Jordan that is usually embroidered onto the tongue of the shoe and the back panel. There are plenty of different designs out there, but the retro 11 is a solid crowd favorite.


With a full name that’s as much as a mouthful as “Chuck Taylor Converse All Star,” it’s not surprising that this classic shoe is casually referred to as “Converse” instead. Again, this shoe was originally designed for basketball, but over the years so many different subcultures have adopted it that it has taken on a whole host of different connotations. The shoe is extremely versatile when it comes to style, meaning that even if your child jumps from one subculture or trend to another, their Converse are likely to make the jump with them. They’re most commonly available in low top and high top designs, but there are even more styles and cuts out there. What’s more? The range of colors is immense, and the brand often collaborates with third-party designers, meaning that there are shoes with a whole range of cartoon characters and other cultural references printed on them. There will doubtlessly be a design to suit everyone!

These are just two different shoe designs that you might want to buy for your kids, and both brands offer shoes that come in sizes from children’s sizes to adult sizes, so no matter how old your little one may be, you’ll be able to offer them something classic!

What types of shoes do your kids prefer to wear?

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