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Birthday Present Ideas For Those Quirky Friends We All Know and Love

The world would be pretty boring if we were all the same, wouldn’t it? Thankfully, everyone’s full of their own hopes and desires, likes and dislikes, and so on. And then there are some people who take this to the next level. Seemingly, everything about them is a little bit quirky; they’re the ones we can all count on to say or do something that has us looking at them and thinking, “now, aren’t you something different.”

When it comes to their birthday, you can celebrate this weirdness by buying them a gift that would only really suit them. But what do these gifts look like? We take a look below.

Weird Events and Festivals

Humans are a creative bunch, capable of anything and everything that you can imagine. And very often, they like to host events and festivals dedicated to some pretty odd things. There are festivals that are all about getting down and muddy; festivals that involve throwing tomatoes at each other; air guitar competitions; and just about everything else. If your friend is a fan of all things unique, then buy them a ticket and head down with him or her. You’ll have a great time.

Inside Jokes

If you’ve been friends for a long time, then you’ve probably got a long list of little inside jokes that only you two understand. Or perhaps you’ve been observing your friend for a long time, and know all the little sayings and doings that they’re famous for. If so, why not bring their magic to life by giving them a gift that brights these little oddities to the wider world. You can design your own shirt with one of their many sayings, or give them a mug with an inscription of one of your inside jokes. It’ll be immortalised forever, and they’ll be able to see/use it every day. Nice!

Indulging Their Habit

What is it about your friend that makes them stand out so much? Maybe it’s one of their offbeat passions, such as a love of UFOs, or the determination to complete whacky tasks in fancy dress outfits. Whatever it is, you’ll find there’s plenty of space to give a gift that indulges their passions. Buy them a book about what really happened at Roswell, or simply line up a challenge - with a Big Bird costume to complete it in, too.

To The Outdoors

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily about giving them a material gift. You can also just give them an experience that you know you’ll both love. If they’re the fun, quirky type, then you know they’re going to love any fun and mad adventure that you can come up with, but it’ll be all the more special if you’ve created it yourself. For their birthday, why not consider setting up a treasure hunt somewhere picturesque, or in a city? They’ll be given a clue, will figure it out and move to the next one, and then the next one, and so on. At the end of the hunt, you can greet them with a big party and BBQ. Perfect!

A Custom CD Of Your Memories

You might have a friend that loves nothing more than recounting all the fun times you’ve had over the years, especially if you no longer live in the same area. If it has been a while since you saw them, look at putting together a CD (that’s right, a CD!) of all the songs that formed the soundtrack of your lives. You can even hand draw the album cover, and give it its own name. It’s a thoughtful gift, one that your friend will proudly display in their home, amongst all the other oddities they’ve collected over the years.

Indie, Indie Everywhere!

Your friend is quirky, but fortunately for you (and them), there are tonnes of quirky people around! And most of them make their living in the Indie department, be it music, films, books, or lifestyle. If you’re looking for something that they might not have, browse the hottest, most offbeat records and movies that you can find, and put together a package. They’ll love it!

The Strangest Work of Art You Can Find

If they’re proving especially difficult to buy for, then don’t overthink it: just try to “out weird” them. There’s no shortage of odd creations out there, so take a look and buy it for them. If you can find the strangest work of art you’ve ever seen and wrap it up, their face will be full of giggling delight come their birthday.

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