Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable 21st Birthday Party

It’s finally here. The day your child becomes a ‘real’ adult: their 21st birthday. You’ve waited forever for this moment (well, 21 years) – the moment they’re no longer really a baby. They can legally drink their first ever cocktail in the club now. Weep. It’s their rite of passage to enjoy a huge party on this momentous night… This event comes but once!

That’s why for years upon years, the 21st birthday party has been the biggest and best of all occasions. You remember how yours went, right... Or maybe not.

Make your son or daughter’s 21st the most memorable of all by throwing an epic bash according to one of our suggestions, sending them off on a crazy vacation with friends, or of course come up with your own idea. The wackier and more ambitious, the better. This night will be forever etched into their life story, so make it a tale worth telling!

Here’s some tips for parents and the birthday girl or boy on having an amazing 21st birthday!

1.      Vegas
Letting your kid go to Vegas on their own is a scary prospect... But they’re adults now! Round up their mates and send them off on a historic road trip to Vegas, no matter where in the country you may be from. The casino will greet them like a long-lost friend, and the bar is open 24/7. Party until nobody knows what day it is.

2.      21 Theme
The rule here is for everything to come in 21s. Invite 21 friends, drink 21 drinks across the night (important safety notice: at least half must be soft drinks), and everyone must dress up as celebrities who are also 21 (can anyone pull off Bella Hadid?).

3.      The House Party
Parents: you have to leave the house for the weekend (unless you’re cool) and turn your entire kitchen into a home bar complete with all the essential drinking accessories. Fill a watermelon with punch! Drink from the barrel! Or set up a sophisticated cocktail station that is bound to turn uncivilized quite quickly. If they’re going to do it, they should really do it in the house.
We’ve all had some of our best times ever at house parties, and the 21st birthday house party should be the house party to end all house parties. Lock up the valuables and send your dog to stay with a neighbor – it’s going to get messy.  

4.      The Family Bash
It’s only because of the family unit’s love and nurturing that they made it to 21 in the first place. Celebrate your amazing kid-raising skills by all trouping out for a group dinner or having a huge whole-house party with everyone invited: nans, granddads, cousins, siblings and friends alike, so long as you all are cool with joining in the typical 21st birthday festivities!

5.      Rent Out a Club/Bar/Restaurant  
If your house won’t fit everyone in it – take the party elsewhere! Book an appropriately-sized and cool place to celebrate (or parents, rent out a place as a surprise and direct the unsuspecting birthday boy/girl to the location). Create a theme and deck the place out with banners, balloons, cake, food, and of course, as much champagne as your budget allows. All that’s left is to party ‘til dawn.

6.      Black & White  
Go classy and set the dress code as black and white cocktail dresses and dinner suits. Then decorate the venue with gold accessories and a red carpet for a true Hollywood-style soiree.

7.      Decade Themed  
Pick a decade and throw an appropriately-themed party. Are you more of a roaring 20s, flapper-dress, Great Gatsby-type of person, or a hippie, free-lovin’ 60s chick? 50s rock ‘n’ roll, 80s disco and 90s punk are also great ideas.

8.      The Week-Long Vacation
Stand at the front door weepily waving off your newly-adult child on their first proper vacation with friends. Maybe they’d prefer a road trip to the sea rather than partying, or so you’d hope. Gift them some spending money and make them promise to send you a postcard. 

Even if you can't plan something big for the celebration, all you really need is a good champagne and good friends. Just pop the bubbly, sit back, and enjoy the fun and excitement of the 21st birthday. After all, you only turn 21 once! Live it up and enjoy the day!

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